How To Use WordPress Post Editor Toolbar And Add New Option

WordPress Post Editor Toolbar
WordPress Post Editor Toolbar

The WordPress Post Editor Toolbar is equipped with both Visual Text Editor for the non-techie person and HTML Text Editors for the techie but the main purpose of both these toolbars is to write SEO Optimised Content.

In the Previous article series, we will see the feature of  WordPress Post Screen and WordPress Post Dashboard Area. So, this is our last topic on WordPress Post Tab.

So, let’s, we first see the basic difference between Visual and Text Editor.

Visual Editor Vs. Text Editor

The text editor shows you raw text with HTML markup, making the text completely customizable if you’re comfortable with HTML.

  • Click on Text option on Post Editor Toolbar.
text editor in WordPress
Text editor in WordPress

Whether you are editing in the visual editor or the text editor, you are always editing the same block of content, just viewing it differently.

The Change you make in the visual editor will add the HTML markup in the text editor.

Within the text editor itself, you can directly add the image and Optimised the image for the search engine.

There is a lot of options in the WordPress visual post editor that you are going to use on daily basis like Blockquote, Insert more tag, Distraction-Free Writing Mode, special characters etc.

Feature WordPress Post Editor Toolbar

By default WordPress just have standard post editor option, such as;

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • Unorder list
  • order list
  • Text align (left-right-middle)
  • Anchor make and Remover
  • Read more tag
  • Past as Text
  • Clear formatting
  • Special text
  • Increase Indent
  • Decrease Indent
  •  Undo and Re-undo
  • Keyword shortcuts

Don’t put stress on your mind. It’s just a terminology, let me through some light on it So that you become familiar with it.

We can also customize and extend the functionality of the WordPress post editor toolbar by using some awesome plugin that I’m going to cover at the end of the article.

1. Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

These are the Presentational Markup. We use to highlight the word, grab user attention, put some stress on the particular word etc.

  • Just see the below screenshot to understand how it looks when we use these option in out article/content.
bold italic and strickthrouh in wordpress
bold italic and strikethrough

2. Ordered and Unordered list

These two options we use when we have to represent our data in the serial Number or in Point (dots).

order and undorder list in wordpress
order and unorder list

As it is, as simple.

3. Text Alignment

These three options help you to place/align your text in your article according to your need.

test alignment option in wordpress post editor
test alignment

You can place your text, left or right or at the center of the page

4. Insert Link

It is used to add a link in the article/content. Let me show you how to make a link in the WordPress.

  • Copy the URL of the website, from which you want to make a link. (URL usual appear in the browser bar)
Copy the URL from browser
Copy the URL
  • Now, hight light the text that you want to wrap in the Link (called Anchor) and click on the insert button on WordPress post editor Toolbar.
insert link in wordpress post editor
insert link
  • Enter the URL of the link and hit Apply Button.

This is the way to create a link.

5. Blockquote

The Blockquote button is used to display quoted text and the appearance of the quote depends on the theme that you are using.


6. Insert Read More Tag

Insert more tags is used to hide some part of the content and show only few line on the Homepage (Blog page if you are using).

Let me help you to get, clear view on Read More Tag.

  • Click on the post’s text, where you want to add read more tag and
  • Click on read more tag button on the WordPress post editor toolbar.
read more tag
read more tag
  • This does not show any change if you see your post as a user.
post look after tag on blog
Read more tag

Note: This is only used to hide content on the Home page or on Blog Page.

But if you see your same post on the home page (or on the Blog page ), you will see Read More tag on the page after that word, you add the read more tag.

read more tag on post
read more tag on the post

Note: Appearance of the tag is dependent upon the theme that you are using.

6. Increase and Decrease Indent.

This is only used for presenting the content in a more attractive way. See the below image to get how to look when we use it in our article/content.

increase indent on wordpress
increase indent

7. Paste as Text and Media

This feature assures that the text you may be pasting from another source does not retain the formatting and styles of that source. This is very useful sometimes when we have to copy something from another blog.

Add Media button use to add the image in the content.

  • Just click on it and select media form the existing library or upload the new one in the WordPress.
add image to post in wordpess admin area
add an image to post

When you add an image in your content and click on it. you will see some option on the image as shown in the screenshot below.

image alingment in wordpress editor
image alingment

With the help of these options, you can align and resize the image according to your WordPress screen.

Don’t worry much about it we will learn this in detail because it is in itself a big topic.

Well, apart of that, here is an article that will help you to SEO optimised your image for Google and another search engine.

8. Distraction-free Writing Mode

Distraction free writing mode helps you to focus on only the area you need to write the content.

distraction free writing mode in wordpress
distraction free

This is very helpful when you are writing a long content and help you to get undistracted by other feature.

9. Change The Link Of Color

WordPress also have the functionality to change the color of the text. You can change the color of text by selecting the text as shown in the below screenshot.

change the text color in wordpress post editor toolbar
change the text color

By default, your created link shows the color set by your theme but you can here override it by applying a new color on it.

10. Other Feature

The function of all the other WordPress post editor toolbar feature is very clear from their name. just see the below screenshot.

some other wordpress post editor toolbar option
post editor toolbar option

So this the default WordPress post editor toolbar option.

If you still want to explore the post editor tool and want to see the more screenshots, Just check the article on about visual editor

How To Customize WordPress Post Editor Tool Bar

By default, WordPress has only a few Post editor options. But we know WordPress is more popular due to its Plugin functionality.

You can add third party plugin to customize the WordPress post editor toolbar and extend its functionality. In this section, we’ll take a look at two great plugins for enhancing your visual editor and text editor.

First one is TinyMCE advanced. This plugin adds a dozen of a new option in your post editor toolbar.

tinymce advanced plugin feature
TinyMCE advanced

Just Install and activate this plugin on WordPress and forget all.

tinymce advanced plugin in wordpress
TinyMCE advanced plugin

But, if you want to add or remove some more function form the WordPress post editor toolbar then go to the

  • Setting>>TinyMCE advanced.
TinyMCE advanced option under setting in wordpress
TinyMCE advanced setting

Here is a an drop and drag Option available for you.

The second plugin is HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter. If you little know about the HTML then this tool helps you to understand the Code easily.

If you little familiar with the HTML then this tool helps you to understand the code easily.

Text Editor Mode
Text Editor Mode

I’m also using this plugin for a long time because sometimes I have to add button, some special kind of special links ( dofollow and nofollow links) etc in the post.

Just activate and install this plugin and forget it.


If you are looking for more plugin here a list of the best WordPress plugin that every blogger must have.

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