Activision Blizzard Brings a Whole New Triple-A Survival Game

Activision Blizzard Brings a Whole New Triple-A Survival Game

Activision Blizzard is one of the biggest and most popular names in video games, now getting into a new genre with the announcement update that the Blizzard survival game project is in the early stages of progress and looks to be wholly new because it’s noticing that the publisher is playing around with upgraded mechanics and new worlds.

According to the recent tweet of games market analyst RishiAlwani, the posted job indicates the game giant is hiring for a whole new title that is unnamed and unrevealed. It could be the latest survival game from Blizzard which looks completely new and not based on former existing series.

The job post about this new survival game says it will be “a place full of artistic heroes we have yet to meet, stories to be told, and adventures to enjoy. It’s worth saying they’re keeping things great for now.

The studio has confirmed that we’re considering the games we know are currently in progress for this new AAA survival game in a new PC/console IP. It would be amazing, and we are super glad to bring you along for the ride. However, it’s difficult to say if the singular “console” is unpredicted. After all, it has been valued at around $70 billion as Microsoft tries to buy it, and the cross-platform of its games is unsure. To function as a subsidiary of Microsoft, Blizzard could create a game just for Xbox consoles, leaving PlayStation and Switch players in sway.

Thus, Activision Blizzard has a wide range of game series. It’s now mostly known for supporting them with new updates or entries in their respective series, so this is something new for the Blizzard studio. In addition, Alwani writes the free-to-play multiplayer shooter has improved, showing that the new IP can be a rewarding threat.

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