How To Beat Baleful Shadow Elden Ring?

how to beat baleful shadow elden ring

To accomplish Ranni`s Quest, those who want to get the Dark Moon Greatsword must first have a battle with a strange entity named Baleful Shadow. Moreover, it contains the necessary key to end the witch story arc. So, the players may wonder how to beat baleful shadow Elden Ring. Moreover, there are a lot of Elden Ring secrets & discoveries the game doesn’t tell you.

Location Of Baleful Shadow In Elden Ring

At the top of the tower, search for a teleporter. It will take you to the deep Ainsel River; you must find a coffin there. Ranni Doll will be there in the coffin. Rest at a nearby site after taking the doll. The doll will not speak at first when you speak to the doll. But after that, she will speak while triggering to the Baleful Shadow boss. If Miniature Ranni Doll has to speak mandatory, or else It will not show up.

  • The Uhl Palace Ruins, Past the Ainsel River.
  • Then, from the right, enter Nokstella.
  • And in Uhl Palace Ruins, proceed the large centipede enemy into the cave of ants from the grand gate.
  • Then, by this point, you have to enter Nokstella.
  • Until you arrive at the Eternal City Site of Grace in front of you in Nokstella.
  • And then, as you follow the river, stay on the ground.
  • Next, look for staircases leading upward; they will be two in quantity. While ignoring the first one, go for the second one.
  • Then jump off from the bridge to the right and enter the building in the last.
  • Keep running alongside the river while keeping your eye on the enemies. Until you enter the grand entrance through the elevator towards Nokstella Waterfall Basin.
  • Next, go to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin.
  • Then, enemies go towards the past cave by avoiding the basilisk.
  • Lastly, in the next clearing, you will reach the Baleful Shadow Boss, who must be already waiting for you.

Weaknesses Of The Baleful Shadow

Poison is the main weakness of the Baleful Shadow. However, you can do a lot of damage to the Baleful Shadow with the help of poisonous knives. Another good option is a poisonous spray spell. Rotten Breath is great, too, in the boss flight. Lastly, because of this serious damage, Baleful Shadow cannot restore its health.

Finest Strategies To Beat Baleful Shadow In Elden Ring

Finest Strategies To Beat Baleful Shadow In Elden Ring

A few strategies to succeed in Ranni`s quest by defeating the Baleful Shadow are given below:

  • One of the prerequisites to kill one dragon is Rotten Breath; you must have at least one dragon heart in inventory to purchase this magic to use at the dragon altar.
  • Take the co-op help if you can. Asking for extra help to fight is always beneficial because Baleful Shadow is the same as an invader in healing.
  • The sword attack by Baleful is very long, so make sure to keep distance as much as possible.
  •  This boss is backstabbalable if you are using a strength build.
  • Moreover, make some distance to save yourself from the jumping attacks. There will be some openings for you once it hits the ground.
  • Lastly, upgrade your flasks and take time to upgrade your items as much as possible to increase your survival chances.

Baleful Shadow Combat In Elden Ring

Baleful Shadow Combat In Elden Ring

A bigger number equals less damage; your damage percentage will depend on the number of absorptions. For example, if the absorption number is sixty, the damage of that type will be forty percent. Absorption 100 will mean that there will be no damage, and resistance will be in minus hundred, which depicts that the damage is twice by the source of the enemies. In addition, zero damage depicts pretty much as is.

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Preparation To Beat the Baleful Shdow In Elden Ring

You must prepare before anything you are going to do. Same as that, to beat the boss easily, you need a few things:

  • Firstly, Rotten Breath
  • Secondly, Seal for incantation
  • In addition, you need the attributes that you must have fifteen Faith and twelve Arcane, too.
  • And at least seventy-two points of FP and cerulean flask for recharge for Rotten Breath attack four times.

To Beat The Baleful Shadow in Elden Ring

To Beat The Baleful Shadow in Elden Ring

Firstly, the strength to chain a series of long-range sword attacks, using a health potion to replenish his health and ferocity, are well-known features of Baleful Shadows. To beat it is a very difficult boss. You need to protect yourself from his holy and standard attacks. However, you can also use Poison status and Frostbite to beat it down quickly.

Only using poison will not be enough to beat the Baleful Shadow; you need something more than that. The Rotten Breath Incantation is something you need to use precisely while near the elevator to give him damage from time to time.

Right after you see the boss, you must attack it and give him infection by two Rotten Breath Incantations before giving him any chance to attack. To recharge the Rotten Breath, use a cerulean tear for the second attack to infect it. Moreover, he will use his first crimson tear in the last of the first infection.

Then, look to the right for a building where you will encounter the Baleful Shadow. You can beat baleful Shadow there with very little effort. And you will see an elevator inside the building, and Baleful Shadow will hesitate to go in it. You will be saved, and he cannot approach you there. Then attack with two more Rotten Breaths.

However, he will be left with only one crimson tear and cannot be able to use it again. At this point, you can easily kill him with poison. Baleful Shadow contains a healing portion in his sleeves, which he will use to upgrade his health.  But there is no need to worry; it will be the only thing he will have with him for his help. With the help of Rotten Breath, you can drain all of his energy in due time. Without using a sword, the Baleful Shadow boss will be beaten.

Rewards After Beating Baleful Shadow In Elden Ring

After Baleful Shadow`s defeat, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 8561 Runes
  • Discarded Palace Key


Q1: Why is Renna Rise blocked in the Elden Ring?

Ans: Renna Rise is one of those locations you can only enter by defeating some bosses and completing some steps.

Q2: Is Ainsel River optional in Elden Ring?

Ans: Yes, Ainsel River is one of the optional places in the Elden Ring.

Q3: Is Eternal City optional?

Ans: This area is optional but keeps its core mechanics in it.


The guide above is about how to beat Baleful Shadow in the Elden Ring and where to find it. Moreover, you can easily defeat it by triggering its poisonous weakness, but that will not be as easy as it sounds. You also need other help, like Rotten Breath, to defeat it. All other best strategies are mentioned above, too.

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