How to Kill Yourself in GTA 5

Do you face trouble while completing the mission in GTA 5 and don’t know how to exit without completing the mission? Don’t worry; this guide on how to kill yourself in GTA 5 is very helpful for you. The easiest way to end the mission, or whenever you are stuck somewhere, you can just kill yourself and start the game again.

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is one of the best games which is the most immersive open-world game developed by Rockstar Games. It has been the most exciting topic since its initial release in 2013 due to its detailed and noteworthy open-world experience. Its enormous popularity is because it has something for everyone to relate to in its remarkable open-world gameplay. It can surprise the players with the type of control it gives them over the lives of the protagonists in the game.

Why You Need to Kill Yourself in GTA 5

GTA 5 offers a solution for some issues: kill yourself. Although it may be annoying to kill oneself in a video game, there are times when it is essential. Grand Theft Auto 5 offers a vast range of missions. There are more tough and bracing missions than others. When you are stuck on a challenging task, killing your character can be helpful. Consequently, it is a quick way to finish the mission if you are puzzled somewhere.

Steps on How to Kill Yourself in GTA 5

  • Go to the nearby Ammu-Nation store.
Go to ammo nation

NOTE: If you are confused about where the nearby Ammu-Nation stores are, hit the Select or Back button on your game controller to access the interplay menu and choose Ammu-Nation next to Quick GPS to find the nearby store.

  • To enter the interaction menu, press the Select or Back button.
Enter in interaction menu
  • Go over to the Handgun option and modify your weapon to Pistol.
change your weapon to pistol
  • Now, turn off the Suppressor option.
turn off Suppressor
  • Choose the option to buy ammunition from the gun store clerk.
buy ammunition
  • Then, leave the Ammu-Nation store and hit the Select or Back button to access the interplay menu.
leave Ammu-Nation store
  • Scroll and choose Kill Yourself. Your GTA 5 character will shoot him through the Pistol.
How to kill yourself in GTA: choose Kill Yourself

Other Ways to Kill Yourself in GTA 5

So, you know how to kill yourself in GTA 5; thus, you can kill your character as well besides shooting yourself. Some ways are mentioned below.

Press the M key on the keyboard to access the interaction menu in GTA 5 on your computer, and press and hold the touchpad on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Scroll down the menu, and from the menu, choose the Kill Yourself option. The character will commit suicide by poisoning himself.

However, you can also commit suicide by jumping off a high building or a bridge to kill yourself in GTA 5. Moreover, you can choose the grenades from the weapons menu and throw the grenade nearby to the character. Your character will die when the grenade blows up.

Additionally, you can call Merryweather from the contacts on your phone and order an Airstrike for $8000. The plane that arrives for the Airstrike will fire the missiles where you will throw a flare. Throw a flare on the road and stand over it; the aircraft that come for Airstrike will throw rockets at you, and your character will die.

Final Words

In this guide, we have shared the complete steps on how to kill yourself in GTA 5. This game provides you with four options to yourself in the game. However, the most suitable and easy option is to shoot your character via Pistol. The second easiest option is to commit suicide in GTA 5 through poison or jumping off from a high building.