How to Make Facetime Full Screen on iPhone

If you’re looking forward to making a Facetime call full screen on your iPhone, first, you must ensure you are using the latest version of iOS. With this amazing feature, you can call any android user, share your screen in Facetime and even make group calls with your family and friends. If you want to try it out, keep reading the blog describing the key points regarding How to Make FaceTime Full Screen on iPhone.

There are various options for you, for instance, using effects while calling, and you may blur the background with portrait mode. However, these features lose their credibility once you cannot view Facetime calls in full screen.

By default, Facetime calls must be in full screen on iPhone because you do not have any option to toggle full screen while making incoming or outgoing calls. Moreover, the phone display must be shown with a video feed of another person calling you, and your camera feed will be shown in a small rectangular preview at the bottom right corner of the screen. And during the group call, you will see short rectangular-shaped cutouts everywhere, and the cutout will be in the bottom right corner, which will be slightly shorter than other cutouts.

Let us share one thing you will not have a toggle or gesture to make your calls full-screen. You can only receive full-screen incoming Facetime call alerts or zoom in on your video preview using a tap. Now let’s dive into a few methods that will teach you to make full-screen Facetime on iPhone with different methods.

Method to Make Incoming Notification Full Screen on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app and Tap on the Phone option.
  2. Next, Tap the Incoming Calls.
  3. Here you need to Tap & Choose the Full screen
  4. Every incoming call will now be previewed in full screen as displayed in the image.

This is how you can make incoming Facetime calls full screen on your iPhone.

Customize Your Screen with a Large Tap Preview

Tap your video feed preview at the bottom right corner when making a Facetime call.

Doing this will enlarge your preview, providing you with the following options to customize your preview.

Further, you’ll have a Portrait mode and effects, and you can switch the camera to make changes in your video call, such as adding text, stickers, and photos, or switch between your front and rear camera.

If you want to minimize your preview, tap the icon on the right side of the corner.

Use Accessibility to Zoom into Facetime Calls

This option can be used to get even larger facetime calls. Here are quick steps to enable it.

  1. Go to Settings app & Tap Accessibility.
  2. Tap on Zoom from the given categories.
  3. Tap & Switch on Toggle for Zoom from the top of the screen.

A few gestures are listed below so you can easily zoon wherever you want.

  • Double tap with three fingers if you want to zoom into your screen.
  • Double tap and Drag with the same three fingers to control and switch zooming.
  • Drag with three fingers to move all over your screen when the picture is zoomed in.

This entire procedure enables you to get a full screen during the calls whenever needed!