How To Turn On Gifted Subs On YouTube?

How to turn on gifted subs on YouTube

Have you already subscribed for the premiere membership of YouTube but don’t know how to turn on gifted subs on YouTube? This article will let you know all about how to do so.

Moreover, after subscribing to the gifted membership on YouTube, you will get all the perks of loyal badges and customized emojis for a month. Also, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription whether you have signed up for a YouTube free trial to watch one show or You can always cancel your subscription even if you have been using it for months.

Before all else, you will first opt to become a channel member on YouTube. A step-by-step guide for this is provided below:

Opt For Gifted Subs Membership On YouTube

To opt for the YouTube membership, you first need to know if you are actually eligible for the gift membership or not.

Eligibility To Opt For Gifted Subs Membership On YouTube

You can simply opt-in for the eligibility for the gift subs membership on YouTube:

  • By interacting, like watching videos from the channel you want to become a member of. In addition, when you receive your gift, you will automatically get access to the marked. Perks, for example, the customized emojis and the badges.
  • Moreover, you must sign in to your YouTube, but it must not add a brand account.
  • You are still eligible to get rewards on a certain channel if you previously only opted in for that channel. To be eligible for rewards on other channels, you must still worldwide opt-in.
  • However, when you allow the YouTube gift membership setting, your channel will be visible to the public. You may also check detailed information about it at YouTube Data API Service. The channel will also share this information with the third party.

There are more options to opt for gifted subs membership on YouTube:

Xcv Panel A Detailed Guide

1.      Via Live Chat

To turn on gifted subs membership on YouTube:

  • First, go to the Premiere or live stream of an eligible channel.
  • Then, within a Live Chat.> “ALLOW GIFTS,” or you can also select the pinned “Membership gifting.”
  • Next, turn on the “Allow Gift” and admit that you would like to opt for it.

2.      Via Video Watch Page

To turn on gifted subs membership on YouTube, you can also go for a video watch page by:

  • First, go to the video of an eligible channel.
  • Then, select “JOIN.
  • Next, go to More, and the three dots
  • Then select “Gift Settings”.  
  • Next, turn on the “Allow Gift” and admit that you would like to opt for it.

Moreover, if you want to turn off gifted subs on YouTube:

  • Click on Join on any channel and open “Gift Setting.”
  • Or watch the page with memberships and enable the toggle button of “Allow Gifts” off.
  • Then, you will no longer be able to receive gifts.

Turn On Gifted Subs On YouTube

When a creator or a channel buys gift memberships, the announcement is done in the live stream/ chat. If you’ve been chosen to receive a 1-month membership, we’ll let you know in the live chat and send you an email.

Gift memberships are not redeemable for cash and cannot be refunded. All gift memberships provide access to channel membership benefits for a maximum of one month before expiring.

To discover membership perks and gain access:

  • Choose the ‘Memberships’ tab on the channel you joined, OR choose ‘SEE PERKS’ on any of the channel’s video pages.
  • Gift memberships are one-time payments, so you won’t be charged once they expire. Contact support if you want to cancel your gift membership before it expires. You won’t have access to the advantages of gift membership.

How Might Gifted Memberships on YouTube Benefit My Channel?

YouTube Gifted Memberships assist in enhancing channel engagement by enabling your most ardent followers to share subscriber benefits with other community members in addition to making revenue.

We prefer to refer to that as a WIN-WIN.

Highlighting these kind viewers with a unique alert during your stream is one of the finest methods to encourage other people in your community to buy these Gifted Memberships. Did we score a Winning Trifecta? In my opinion. Here is how to accomplish it.

How Can I Configure Alerts For Occurrences Involving YouTube Gifted Membership?

Depending on whether you’re starting with a new overlay or changing one of your older overlays to add Gifted Memberships, there are two ways to set up personalized notifications for YouTube Membership Gifts.

A Fresh Overlay Setup

  • First, go to My Overlays. ‘New Overlay’ should be chosen. Choose your resolution options. Give
Go to My Overlays
New Overlay
Choose your resolution options
  • Secondly, on your newly made Overlay, click “Edit.” Accessing your Overlay Editor ‘Add Widget’ should be chosen. Toggle over “Alerts” ‘AlertBox’ should be chosen.
Accessing your Overlay Editor
  • Next, It’s time to start customizing your Gifted Membership alerts in your AlertBox.
  • Select AlertBox. ‘Settings’ should be chosen. This will display all of the available alerts. Switch the “gear icon” next to “Member alert.”
Select AlertBox
  • You will be sent to your Advanced Settings page for Member notifications after selecting “Member alert.”
  • ‘Variation Settings’ can be found by scrolling down.
  • You will next be sent to the two YouTube Gifted Membership Alerts options.
  • Gifted Membership events are the focus of this alert on membership gifts.
  • As an illustration, a viewer donates a single membership to the channel’s audience.
  • This notice is for various Gifted Membership activities that are taking place in the community.

Note: When a “Membership gift” event alert is activated, all other “Membership gift” event alerts are suppressed and won’t show up on the screen. To put it another way, we don’t want a ton of notifications to go off for the same incident.

  • An illustration would be a viewer giving the channel’s community 5, 10, or 20 memberships.
channel's community
  • Customizing your YouTube Gifted Membership alerts is the exciting part now!
  • From the previous screen that displayed the two types of gifted membership for the variant you want to change, select the “gear icon.”
Select the gear icon

Note: the personalization choices are the same for ALL of our alerts.

  • There are a ton of customization options available for you to pick from, including:
  • You can adjust the picture or animation to meet your needs.
  • Changing the sound effect for your alert
  • modifying the design of your alert animation and message
  • Creating a message that reflects the communication style of your community
  • Funny moments are made possible by configurable choices for text-to-speech
  • Once you’ve made your customization choices, click “Save Variation.” You can then use that Gifted Membership variant without any problems.
  • Carry out the same steps for your second variant.
  • Don’t forget to use the emulator to test your new Gifted Membership notice; doesn’t it look lovely?
Emulator to test new Gifted Membership
  • And this is what the viewers of your channel will see if the membership is “gifted” to someone else.

Prior Overlay Configuration

In order to incorporate the new Gifted Membership alert versions, this setup will initially be significantly different.

  • ‘Edit’ will appear when you choose one of your earlier Overlays. Select “AlertBox” in The settings. From the menu, choose the “Member alert” gear icon.
Choose the Member alert
  • In the ‘Advanced options’ of your Member alert, Go to “Variant settings” by scrolling down. Go to ‘Variant settings’ by clicking.
Go to Variant settings
  • After that, a popup to “Add New Variation” will appear.
Add New Variation
  • Select ‘Add New Variation’. Choose ‘Start With Blank’.
Choose Start With Blank
  • After that, you will be taken to your New Variation’s settings. You will enter a few crucial details and choose all of your customization options here.
New Variation's settings
  • The MUST-DO things are listed below to guarantee that your new Gifted Membership alert variations function properly.
Gifted Membership alert variations

Variant 1: Update Community Gift Settings

  • ‘Variation name’ should be updated. ‘Community gifts’ is what we advise.
  • Refresh the “Variation Parameter.” ‘Community gift’ should be chosen.
  • Updating ‘Condition’ ‘At least’ should be chosen.
  • Correct the “Requirement amount” Input ‘0’
  • Would advise changing the Alert message to say that the “sender” has just gifted a certain amount of subscriptions!

When finished, click ‘Save Variation.’

Click Save Variation

The ‘Community gifts’ alert variant has been added to your account. You may now click the “Gear icon” and make any changes you wish to any of the settings as you would normally do for your notifications.

  • It is now time to add a “Membership gift” alert variant to your alert variants after adding your “Community gifts” alert variant.
  • similar to the earlier actions: Select ‘Add New Variation.’ Choose ‘Start With Blank’.
Choose Start With Blank
  • The options for your Membership gift variant can now be updated.
Membership gift variant updated

Variant:2 Update Membership Gift Settings

  • ‘Variation name’ should be updated. ‘Membership gift’ is what we advise using.
  • Refresh the “Variation Parameter” Choose ‘Gift’ For ‘Chance%’ Go out on “100”
  • Would advise changing the Alert message to include a membership gift from the sender!

When finished, click ‘Save Variation.’

Select Save Variation

It has been added to your ‘Membership gift’ alert variant. You may now click the “Gear icon” and make any changes you wish to any of the settings as you would normally do for your notifications.

Additionally, we’ve modified our Activity Feed so that it now includes purchases made with a YouTube Gifted Membership. If you’d like, you may now filter by these activities. This way, you won’t lose out on any membership gifts that your channel’s viewers provide to other community members.

Modified Activity Feed

You are now prepared to engage your community in remarkable interactions!


To turn on gifted subs on YouTube, memberships are only available to viewers who opt-in. If you have recently interacted with any gifting-enabled channel, for example, by watching a video on that channel, you are now eligible to accept gift memberships on that channel. Your account will immediately receive the gift when you receive one, granting you access to exclusive benefits like badges and personalized emojis.

Moreover, you are still eligible to get rewards on a certain channel if you previously only opted in for that channel. To be eligible for rewards on other channels, you must still worldwide opt-in.

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