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How to reset Airpods

How to Reset AirPods Properly and Other Troubleshooting Tips

Instead, it's the AirPods-Apple's wireless earphones, which the company released after removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. With their ease of use, long...
How To Change Bluetooth Name On iPhone

How To Change Bluetooth Name On iPhone Series

Have you ever tried to share a song with your friend via Bluetooth on your iPhone? Yes, I did it just to check that...
a day without technology

A Day Without Technology

Waking up a day without technology in the 21st Century! Doesn’t seem right to any of us in this digital world where we have...
Is the iPhone 15 Pro worth it

Is the iPhone 15 Pro worth it

Wondering whether to buy iPhone 15 Pro or not? Is it worth enough to buy? If you've got an iPhone 12 or earlier that’s...
Should I Wait for iPhone 15

Should I Wait for iPhone 15?

Apple came out with a slate of new products at Apple’s September Wonderlust event, including the new iPhone 15 lineup, Apple Watch Series 9,...
iPhone Models in Chronological Order

Evolution of iPhone Models in Chronological Order [2007 to 2023]

The updated hi-tech development of Apple iPhones has dramatically influenced society globally. However, the Apple company did not begin with a strategy to change...
iPhone aux adapter

Iphone Aux Adapter (Everything You Need To Know)

The iPhone AUX adapter makes an average of 3.5 mm headphones with a lightning connector. Also,compatible with Apple phones since September 2016. Subsequently, for...

Apple Pencil Tip Replacement Guide

Are you a student, a business person, or a sketcher? The iPad and Apple Pencil are flawless tools for working proficiently. But after using...
How to Find Your AirPod Case

How to Find Your AirPod Case (Quickly Recover It)

Don’t panic about losing AirPods cases despite the reason. See How to Find Your AirPod Case? Here you will see all the possible methods...
How to Turn on Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

How To Turn OnBattery Percentage On iPhone 12& Mini

Things become complex with these newer iPhones. If you have been an iPhone user for a long time, you grasped that the battery status...