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how to charge apple pencil

How to Charge Apple Pencil (All You Need to Know)

Is your Apple Pencil causing a charging problem? If yes, then no fret. We will let you know how to charge the 1st and...
how to find airpod case

How to Find Airpod case by Using Find My App & Lost Mode

We didn't know the value of something until we lost it. As we all know, an airpod case is extremely important. But what do...
how to add a device to find my iPhone

How to Add a Device to Find My iPhone App on iOS

Are you feeling stressed about misplacing? or want to add your device? So, no need to worry; you can easily track down or add...
how to show battery percentage on iphone 11 pro

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11?

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 11? The battery icon on an iPhone provides a useful indication of its remaining power. Occasionally, however,...
iOS setup assistant

iOS Setup Assistant: Restoring Data on iOS & Android (New Guide 2024)

Did you just bought a new iPhone but still unware of how to restore all the content that you have on your older phone?...

QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2 (Which One to Choose?)

If you are a victim of unavoidable neighborhood noises at night. This is for you. We're going to review the best earbuds that would...
one airpod not charging

One Airpod Not Charging (Here’s Non-Stop Solution Guide)

You do not have to panic if you own Apple Airpod and one is not charging. It turns out that this is a rather...
right airpod not working

Right AirPod Not Working (8 Innovative Fixes)

Do you want a quick fix for your right AirPod not working? And wondering why only one AirPod is not working? Because buying a...
why is only one airpod working

Why is only one Airpod Working?

Are you wondering why only one Airpod is working? What should be the choice for Apple users if any one of them is not...
How to Unsilence Calls On iPhone

How to Unsilence Calls On iPhone: 5 Simple Methods (2024)

Have you missed your important calls? Or have you mistakenly muted your iPhone? Here are 5 ways on how to unsilence calls on iPhone. Well,...