How to See Deleted Youtube Videos [2024 Updated Guide]

How to See Deleted Youtube Videos [2023 Updated Guide]

It must be annoying when you add any video to your queue to watch later on Youtube, but after sometimes Youtube popup a message “the video is no longer available.”

Youtube takes off a huge list of videos on the platform for different reasons. Sometimes, the uploader decides to take it down, or the content violates Youtube policies.  

However, Youtube has no trash bin or a place to store removed videos. Thus, there’s no official way to restore the deleted Youtube video. But accessing the video via other tricks is still possible. Keep on reading to learn how to see Youtube videos that are deleted.

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How to Recover Youtube Deleted Videos URL

If you are looking for the link to deleted Youtube video, you can get it from the below methods:

Browser History

First, search for the URL from the Google Chrome section, like tapping the triple dots icon on the navigation bar of the Google browser > navigate to history> find deleted Youtube video from the list of browsing history > tap on it to get the URL at the address bar.

Browser History

Youtube Watch History

Tap the triple line icons on Youtube > History > find your deleted video under watch history > select it to get the video link located in the address bar.

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Youtube Watch History

Youtube Playlist & Liked Videos

How to see deleted Youtube videos in a playlist? Go to the Library > Playlists > right-tap on your deleted Youtube video and last copy link address.

Youtube Playlist

To find the Youtube link, you can get it from the Youtube liked video section by tapping the triple lines > liked videos > check the deleted video > copy the link from its address bar.

Youtube Liked Videos

Method 1: How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos with URL

One of the flexible ways to access a deleted Youtube video is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The website gives you free access to unlimited sites, software, movies, and much more. It’s a smooth way to find deleted Youtube videos if you cannot locate the video on your Youtube. Here’s how you can see the deleted video:

  • Navigate to the Wayback Machine website via
  • You can get the deleted video link in your browsing history.
Find link in Browsing History
  • Here you have to paste the link of the deleted Youtube video into the search bar.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete a search and then show the date and year that video was archived.
Youtube video archived
  • You can also download deleted Youtube videos by right-tap on a deleted video > tap  “saves video as” to download the video on your system.

If you search for a video that fails to play, it means that the video was not archived. Moreover, if the video was not famous enough, it may not have been archived in the wayback Machine.

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Method 2: Use Youtube Video Finder Tool

It is a Chrome extension that helps you locate deleted Youtube videos by looking for them in the wayback Machine. Follow the steps to watch the deleted video:

  • Go to the Youtube playlist where you lost the videos.
  • Select the “Find video” icon after tapping the deleted video.
  • After a few seconds, the wayback tab machine will appear, and you’ll be able to find the deleted Youtube video. You can also choose the particular year, month, or date when the video was active.
  • Now, find and watch the deleted video.

Method 3: Use Google Search Operator to Find the Deleted Youtube Video

Google comes with lots of search operators that help you refine the searchers. You can use the Google search operators to assemble details about the deleted Youtube videos. Here’s how you can see the deleted videos using the search operators:

  • First, acquire the URL video located in the address bar. For instance, the video URL is YudHcBIxIYw.
  • Now, get the watch ID; it will start with v=YudHcBIxIYw.
Youtube watch ID
  • Now do a Google search for the watch ID; if you are lucky, you will see the deleted video on other platforms.
Google search for the watch ID

Method 4: Use the Embedded Technique

This is another way to see deleted Youtube videos in an embedded version. To look for the embedded version of a deleted Youtube video, you only need to delete the “Watch” from the Youtube video URL and substitute it with “embed/.”

For Instance:, you will have to replace the watch with an embed like this:

This technique will help you find the videos on any other platform where it’s been embedded. However, if the video is quite newly uploaded, it may fail to appear even after using the embedded technique.

Method 5: How to Find Deleted Videos Youtube without the URL

If you didn’t find your video with the above methods, then you will surely try this. Here’s how you can search the video title in Google search:

  • Go to, and in the search bar “type: +video and press “enter.”
  • The search results will display a list of Youtube videos with similar titles. Scroll and check, may you get your deleted video.

Method 6: Watch Deleted Youtube Videos via Google Cached URLs

Google sometimes caches the page URLs of removed Youtube videos, letting users view an out-of-date snapshot of the video from Google’s index.

Checking the cache can save the video preview image & description, if not the full video itself. Keep in mind that you’ll have the video’s URL to see if it is available in the cache.

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We all know that Google has a massive database worldwide, and since Youtube is a proprietary of Google, you can anticipate it to have a snapshot of most of the videos uploaded on the platform.

However, the older the video you wish to watch, the lesser the chances of it being available in Google’s cache. Here’s how you can do it for free:

  • Copy the Youtube Video URL you choose to watch.
  • Go to the CachedView website ->
  • Paste the URL video in the search box.
Google Cached URLs
  • Tap the Google Web Cache option.
  • A new tab with the cached version of Youtube will open, and you can start watching the video.

Method 7: Check Social Media Platforms

If the deleted Youtube video was shared broadly on social media platforms, there is a great chance someone reposted and saved a copy of the clip on the sites such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check if the video was shared across different platforms or other video-sharing sites like Dailymotion may become alternative sources to view the removed content. Keep in mind that you will not get the video in the same quality available on Youtube because it was most likely shared hundreds of times before getting its place on that video-sharing website.

  • Copy the URL you decide to find.
  • Remove everything despite the Video ID from the URL.
  • For instance: if your video URL is, then just keep the ID t0Q2otsqC4I.
  • Navigate to and paste the video ID with Double Quotes.
  • When you search “t0Q2otsqC4I” on Google, it will show all the sites on which the video was posted.
  • Now check every social media platform to see where the video is available.

Method 8: Contact Youtube Support

If the above method doesn’t work for you, try contacting the Youtube support team to recover the deleted video. However, to be applicable for this, your channel must be part of the Youtube Partner program or must have at least 10,000 views. Here’s how you can recover deleted videos with the help of Youtube support:

  • Go to Youtube and log in to your channel.
  • You will find the Help option at the bottom of the page.
Youtube Support
  • Next, tap Need more help and select Get Creator support.
  • You will see different options, and now pick the issue you are facing and tap Email Support.
  • You may have to tap on Contact the Creator support team as well.

How to Recover Deleted Youtube Videos Via Third-Party Apps

Yes, there are different apps that allow you to recover Youtube deleted videos; while some methods include watching the deleted video with a link, others include finding the video from the backups. But recovery tools are the best ones to recover the lost Youtube videos:

How to Recover Deleted Youtube Videos
  • Recoverit

If you upload a video to Youtube without backup and the video vanishes, you can recover it using the third-party app Recoverit. You need to install it on your device. Then you can recover any video that has been removed from your system.

Since it is one of the best programs, the failure chance is also low. After installing the software, you have to choose the location where you will download the video to continue the process. Next, Tap start, and a page with all deleted files or videos will appear. Now find your lost Youtube video and recover it.

  • EaseUS Data Recovery

You can use this data recovery software on both Mac and Windows. Get the version that suits your PC needs and install it. Open it and choose the location you want to scan. After scanning, you get a list of deleted Youtube videos and files. Check if the video is on the list and tap recover.

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  • Disk Drill

This recovery tool is available for both Mac and Windows and assists in recovering different data types, including videos. You will have to download the program on your system and then scan for any recoverable files. When you find your video, tap recover.


It is a site suggested by Reddit users; this site can return the deleted Youtube video in MPEG-4 format.

  • Open and paste the Youtube video URL into the search field.
  • It will display a yellow file with the text “right tap here and save link as.” Write this sentence; you will get a file save box; you can set where to secure the MPEG-4 video.

How to Secure Youtube Videos?

You should know why your Youtube videos get deleted, and Youtube only removes the video if it violates the website’s particular rules & regulations. To protect your videos from copyright issues, check our guide, How to Avoid Copyright, on Youtube in 2024.

  • Content Issues: if your video shows offensive content or promotes nudity, abuses, or violets. Youtube can take down the video without any warning.
  • Copyright Issues: If you have used video or music of other content owned by another creator, the video’s owner could request Youtube delete your video.
  • Privacy Complaints: if you disclose the personal details of any person without his consent.

Before you again upload the video, you have to obey the request for video deletion related to any of the above reasons. Regardless of anything, you can always make sure few things to secure Youtube videos:

  • Use Original Content: You have to create original content; if your video goes viral, this may lead you to give back for the content if you have monetized the video.
  • Regular Backups: you have to back up all of your videos before uploading.
  • Avoid Using Offensive Content: ensure you don’t use strong language that puts the audience on edge, and they end up reporting the video.

Final Words

It’s quite straightforward to see deleted Youtube videos; the process works if you find their URLs. Because lots of videos are archived somewhere on the internet. We have mentioned different methods to solve how to watch Youtube deleted videos. Read the blog to solve your queries; if you still face any issues, feel free to ask us.

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