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What is a .Edu Email Address?

.Edu Email addresses are used by universities to contact and notify students about any educational or official activity. Edu email is an official email used for communication between the administrations, students, and college staff. Universities and other institutions in the US provide .edu email addresses to students and staff free of cost.

To create a .edu email you must be enrolled in a university or college. As mentioned earlier, the US universities provide free .edu email account to everyone related to that institution. To get a .edu email free, you need to take admission in any of the educational institutions in the United States.

I hope must have got a clear intuition about what is a .edu email. Now let us look at some methods to create .edu email free and avail the .edu email benefits free. A temporary .edu email is awarded to every student and faculty member.

how to get a .edu email
how to get a .edu email

How Do You Get An Edu Email Address?

There are several methods to make a .edu email free. In this article, I will guide you on how you can get a free .edu email. I shall also guide you on how to get a .edu email without being a student.

The first and the most legit method to create a .edu email is to join a university or college to be eligible to get free .edu email. I shall explain the method to get admission in United States University to acquire a working and legal .edu email free.

Free .Edu Email Address 2021 From US University? How

To get a .edu email, you need to keep an eye on University and college admissions. Every year each U.S university and college announces their admission standards and rules of admission to decide the applicant’s status to meet the admissions standard.

Therefore, I would suggest you to apply every university separately.

You might be thinking why would you apply for multiple colleges and universities when you have applied for the favorite one?

The reason for recommendation is, there are chances that your favorite institute might not accept your application, that’s why you should apply for several colleges and universities to be sure to get admission.

To get the American Edu email follow the process below to get admission to a US university.

.edu email address
.edu email address

Send Application To Multiple Schools/Universities:

The first step is to select the university you want to get admission to and start sending applications. Chances of getting .edu email address are equal on every level whether you apply for a graduate or postgraduate degree program.

You need to fulfill the admission requirements of a particular degree program.

  • Contact the concerned department for information.
  • Contact the admission office or the administrator (chairperson) of the concerned department.
  • Send application:
  • Universities take admissions based on academic records and the concerned test scores like TOEFL, GAT, SAT, ACT, and GMAT.
  • Submit the application fees which are US $35 to US $100 (Non-Refundable).
  • Provide academic documents as proof of student status.
  • Be sure to gather all documents before starting the application process.
  • Register yourself for the admission test.
  • After qualifying for the admission test, receive the Acceptance Letter.
  • Pay your curriculum fees.
  • Write a complete essay about the objective of studying abroad. The goal you want to achieve.

After getting the admission you shall be provided a free .edu email to maintain contact with the administration.

free .edu email
free .edu email

Other Methods to get .Edu Email Address:

Having a .edu email in 2021 is a must for every student across the globe. You may get a fake .edu email from somewhere but trust me that is not going to be beneficial in any way. In this section, I will tell you another method to create .edu email free.

Method 1:

  • Go to the “Diablo Valley College” website, and enroll as a “New Student.”
  • Click on “Step One Apply”, click on “CCCApply” in the next step. This portal uses CCCApply Portal to provide you the .edu email.
  • After some time you will get .edu email.

Method 2:

  • Navigate to the College website and click Apply.
  • Click on “Start New Registration.”
  • Choose “International Applicant.”
  • Click on “Freshman.”
  • Choose the diploma or degree type.
  • Fill the form and enter the information Name, DOB, Email Address, and Citizen ( use Georgia cit for address).
  • Choose Visa type “None.”
  • Follow the next instructions to complete the application process. You will receive .edu email login after a few hours.
free edu email
free edu email

.Edu Email Benefits:

  • On student email address get AWS coupon on $15 only.
  • $50 Digital Ocean coupon for using .edu email address (valid for 12 months new accounts only).
  • Bitnami: $49 per month Business 3 plan free on using the .edu email address.
  • DNSimple: Free Personal hosted DNS for 2 years for .edu email users.
  • GitHub: unlimited Private repositories for students or users having .edu email.
  • $25 credit balance of hackhands for .edu email address.
  • Microsoft Azure Suite development tools Visual studio Community version, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft development tools.
  • Other free software with .edu email.


You might be searching on Google “how do I get a .edu email?” the method to get a .edu email is very simple and we discussed every point in this article. Some people try to buy a .edu email address and use it to get discounts, but this buying a .edu email might get costly for you. Sometimes .edu email generator is used to get a .edu email but that is not going to get you any benefit for a longer time.  The best method to get .edu email is to enroll in a US university or through the methods mentioned above.

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