What Does hy mean in Snapchat & How to Use it

What Does hy mean in Snapchat & How to Use it
What Does hy mean in Snapchat & How to Use it

Are you wondering about Snapchat slang language or acronyms? Snapchat “HY” term is used on different social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others. In this blog, we will discuss various Snapchat terms & how to use them. 

Snapchat become the most well-known way for users to link with their friends, with lots of different features on the platform making it simple to send each other a range of content. And Snapchat has a variety of different vocabulary terms that are used while texting, in stories, or direct messages.

However, “HY” is the most well-known acronym, making users curious about what it means. So here is what you need to know.

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About Snapchat Acronyms

A short form or acronym is used to shorten or simplify something original without distorting the meaning. The term can be noticed as a whole or partial synonym for the original term.

For Instance, the “FB” term is used for Facebook. To convey a message via writing, one can swap words or phrases with synonyms in order to make it easier for the reader to understand.

In social media, there is a long text to read, so the use of acronyms assists in speeding up the reading and understanding process of any post.

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What does “hy” Meaning on Snapchat               

The term or acronym “hy” means “Hell Yes” or “hell yeah.” It is pretty simple and means precisely what it says. It is mainly used to show excitement and statement.

The use of these terms extends beyond the boundaries of Snapchat and can even use in text messages and DMs.

You can get many emoji stickers about HY. You can search for stickers using the term “hell yes.”

How “HY” term is used on Snapchat?


Snapchatters use “Hy” as a response to a question. It can be used in chat or even in snaps. This term is used to express excitement toward doing anything.

For Instance, if someone asks, “Will you join me tomorrow for dinner? In response, your reply should be HY (hell yeah). This reply will indicate excitement for the proposed activity. So feel free to use the slang to show excitement with Snapchat slang words.

Scenarios to Use “Hell Yeah”

You can use Hy in so many contexts, such as:

  • For confirming plans, if your friend asks you to hang out, reply with “Hy” to show interest.
  • You can use this slang if your friend tells you they got a promotion; you can respond with “HY” to show love.
  • If your friend sends you a funny snap, you can reply with HY to express that you found it funny.

How can we Use “Hy” on Snapchat?

As you read above, HY can only be used to show excitement or verification; the reason for confirmation can be anything. You can also use Snapchat’s “Hell yeah” stickers to show emotion. Here’s how you can use the slang sticker:

  • Navigate to your Snapchat account, and capture any photo using a Snapchat camera.
Navigate to your Snapchat account
  • Tap the “stickers” option from the right-side panel. Use the search function to search for the “Hell yea” sticker.
Tap the “stickers” option
  • Here you will encounter all the listed stickers, and Bitmoji is related to HY. Go and select the one you like.
  • Once the sticker is added to your photo, send it to friends or anyone.

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“HY” Slang Alternatives

If you want to use other ways to say “HY”, you can use a few other popular options instead of hy.

YasssThis well-known term expresses agreement & excitement. It is significantly a pumped-up variation of the simple word “yes.”
Fo shoIt means “For sure” to show complete concern with what someone is saying.
DefsIt stands for “definitely,” which shows firm verification or acceptance.

Other Snapchat Slang Terms

Snapchat is famous for its set of particular phrases, terms, and acronyms that make communication less exhausting. Users mostly use the slang to look cool in conversation, so let’s discuss other most common slang words:

Snapchat Slang Terms
  • PU: it stands for “pop up” and is used to ask someone to start a talk.
  • SMH: it shows the expression “shaking my head” and expresses displeasure.
  • SN: it means “Snap notification” when you view the snap, it will notify the person.
  • SR: you can use “Slow replies” to notify your contacts of your late reply times.
  • SU: abbreviated as “Swipe Up” on a story, lets you send a direct message, and someone using this term may b
  • TTM means “Talk to me” and is essentially used to push the conversation.
  • WYLL: refers to “what you look like” and is generally used when you are interested to know about a person’s appearance without meeting them.
  • WCW: Stands for “Women Crush Wednesday” It is a day where you admire women based on their achievements.
  • MCM: it stands out as “Man Crush Monday”; women use this to show their admiration for a supportive man.
  • ION: this refers to “in other news” it indicates that something is about happening outside of your Snapchat life.
  • TBT: “Throwback Thursday” and is used to share past moments of your life that you are grateful for.
  • HG: it stands for “Holy Grail” which is used by users to mean something special.
  • LMS: refers to “Like my status” which is often used on social media to increase engagement on their posts.
  • Ops: abbreviated as opinions, used to tell people you are welcome to give your opinion.
  • YK: “You know” or “You’re kidding.”
  • WYA: stands for “Where you at” and refers to asking someone where they are at the moment.
  • SU: it refers to two things “Swipe Up” or “Shut Up.”
  • YH: it is a short form of “yeah.”
  • GMS:  refers to “Good morning streak” or “good morning snap,” used for greeting someone.
  •  KYS: it could refer to different meanings like “kill yourself, know your status & know your stuff,” mainly used to bully someone.
  • FR: It refers to “For real.”


Q1. What does wrd mean on Snapchat?
The acronym “wrd” stands for the term “word.” It only means to agree with someone and can be used as the original meaning of “word.”

Q2. What does GNS mean on Snapchat?
It stands for “Good night streaks,” used to say good night to your friends.

Q3. What does ISTG mean on Snapchat?
It refers to “I swear to God,” usually used to confirm your honesty.

Q4. What Does DSB Mean on Snapchat?
The term “DSB” is abbreviated for “Don’t snap back.” It mainly tells friends you are online but can’t talk.

Final Words

This is quite cool to use Snapchat slang in your communication. However, we have mentioned different slang words and their meanings. So it helps you save time in finding out the meaning whenever you hear slang.

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