A 2-Step Process To Add Bots To The Discord Server

Discord Join Server
Discord Join Server

You can provide neat features for your players if you run a Discord server. The addition of bots is among these features. As soon as you know how to add bots, you can easily customize your server.

Discord Bots: What Are They?

In essence, bots are computers that perform certain functions automatically (and sometimes in conjunction with other computers). Bots are websites that offer to talk to you about their products or services and immediately open up a chat window; that’s. On Reddit, you see little bot interactions all the time (boop! beep!).

It depends on the purpose, the design, and the way the bots are deployed whether bots are helpful or infuriating. It is possible to add bots to your Discord server to help other members or make it more fun. Bots on Discord can provide a variety of productive and not-so-productive functions to the community.

A person’s game statistics can be fetched by bots upon request, and bots can play a loud air horn noise on the channel if prompted to.

Discord Nsfw Server
Discord Nsfw Server

How You Can Find Good Discord Bots?

A lot of free bots are available on Discord. There are thousands of them. There are a few silly and semi-useful bots here if you like, but there are also some really good ones on the Carbonitex website, which is considered one of the best sources for Discord bots. Discord Bots is another reputable repository for discord bots. If you search GitHub, almost everything in public view for Discord bots can be found.

How To Add Bots To The Discord Server?

This is a simple process but it requires some steps to be followed.

Step 1: Allow Administrator Access

  • You must be an Administrator of the server in order to add bots. If you don’t own the server, it’s probably a good idea to check with the owner before adding anything to it.
  • To add your bot to a server, simply select it on the left of the Discord website (at the top).
  • When the server is selected, you must choose from the drop-down menu (the server name with a down arrow at the top left of the screen).
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to ‘Roles’.
  • Turn on the Administrator mode.
  • Save the changes.

Step 2: Find And Get The Bots You Want To Add

  • Depending on the source website of your Bot, you may see Invite or Add Bots.
  • Log in with your Discord credentials to the Bot you’ll add to your Discord server.
  • Click on the Invite or Add Bot
  • Give the permissions that are asked.
  • Authorize the Bot and solve the Captcha in the end.


Having access to a support server allows bots to stay up-to-date with all the latest features over time as well. Generally, the bots will have different commands that can be used to activate them on the Discord server. The “!Help” command can also be used for every bot. Adding bots to Discord is what we discussed in this guide.