How to Check Airpods Battery Life in Various Apple Devices

how to check Airpods battery life
how to check Airpods battery life

It seems somewhat inconvenient to have your AirPods battery life lowered while you need to use them. It looks pretty crucial as well when you are engaged in something productive. That is why you should be well-aware of how to check the battery life of the AirPods. It’s simple to find on your iPhone. Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook It is simple to monitor the battery life, allowing you to listen to your favorite music. Let’s look at how to check the battery state of your AirPods. The battery-checking process is quite simple, and You can follow it without any hassle. Using an iPad or iPhone device, you can find a similar method in each Apple gadget or accessory. It takes a few seconds for the Airpods to connect to your device then, you can quickly check its battery status.

What do you mean by the Light Status on Airpods?

The mini-LED indicator on your AirPods case notifies you of the battery’s remaining life. You have several alternatives for getting a battery alert.

Most likely, the wireless charging case and Mega Safe of Airpods provide the ability to stay in sync with the charging case’s status light. At the same time, a standard charging case includes a status light in the gap between your Airpods sockets. While opening the charging case cover, you can conveniently check the battery life status. On the other hand, the light displays the charging case battery life in an empty charging case.

You can view the percentage of the Airpods battery and the charging case to obtain detailed information on how much battery you have charged. I’m confident it will help Apple’s ardent followers of the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or other Apple accessories.

Airpods Battery Life Notification Methods

There are several ways to receive notifications about the battery life of your AirPods. Having multiple choices for updating the battery status appears somewhat helpful in most cases. You can test it with or without a charging case. Let’s look at how to check the battery life of your Airpods whenever you need to.

  1. Using your iPhone or iPad
  2. Use Airpods Charging case
  3. Apple Battery Widget
  4. Use Apple Watch for Battery Status
  5. You can ask Siri

iPhone or iPad Notification

how to check the battery life on airpods
how to check the battery life on airpods

Checking battery life is comparable to pairing Airpods with your iPhone when they are close to it. The iPhone or iPad can tell you of the remaining battery life in your charging case.

  1. Place your Airpods in the charging case beside your iPhone, then open it.
  2. It will automatically display the home screen or lock screen to display battery life.
  3. Battery life in percent for both the left and right Airpods and the charging case will be on your screen.

You can get an update on Airpods independently if you keep them out of the charging case. It will automatically display the battery life of each of the Airpods in a separate dialog. The critical thing to remember here is that the battery life screen will appear on your iPhone’s locked screen or home screen without you having to launch any apps.

As for getting notifications on how much power is remaining in your Airpods, you can get to the battery widget by swiping right on the locked home screen. It will bring up the iPhone’s today view, where you can easily search for the battery widget for a constant alert on the running out of Airpods battery life.

how to check battery life airpods
how to check battery life airpods

Charging case Battery Alert

You can do it when you open the charging case without getting its exact percentage to get the indication of the charged battery. Open the Airpods charging case, and it will turn on the battery status light present between Airpods sockets.

  • The Green Light indicates that the charging case is fully charged. It shows the charging case battery status without delving into the exact Airpods battery status.
  • On the other hand, the Amber Light tells the story of a battery in desperate need to get charged or a battery indicating less than fully charged. It sometimes shows more or less a 50% charged battery. You can get two and a half hours of music time on the new Airpods. In the case of older Airpods, that 50% battery time runs for merely half an hour of listening time.
how to check airpods pro battery life
how to check airpods pro battery life

Battery Widget Notification

Using the battery widget is one of the most convenient methods to get alerts on battery level updates. Adding up the battery widget on your iPhone will serve as the battery notification for all the devices connected with your iPhone. To get to its method, let’s go ahead.

how to check battery life for airpods
how to check battery life for airpods
  1. Tap and hold at the home screen to enter the Jiggle mode on your iPhone.
  2. Next, the Plus icon(+)appears at the top right corner. Tap it.
  3. To add up the Battery Widget, you can search for it in the search box.
  4. Swiping will display different sizes for widget screens on your home screen.
  5. Add Battery widget, then drag it to the home screen.
  6. To turn off the Jiggle mode, you can tap on the home screen.

The battery life for both Airpods will appear in percent on the battery widget during its using time. It notifies the lower battery level on your battery widget. It displays the individual status on battery level when you have one Airpods in the charging case.

Apple Watch Notification on Airpods Battery Life

how to check battery life on airpods case
how to check battery life on airpods case

Another helpful feature is the ability to monitor the status of the AirPods battery level on the Apple Watch. You will receive constant alerts to link them to your Watch or your iPhone. You can quickly check it this way.

  1. The “Control Center”on the Apple Watch is the entry point for accessing this feature.
  2. Press and slide the bottom edge of the watch screen to access the Control Center.
  3. When you arrive at the screen, tap the Battery Percentage Icon. That’s all there is to it.
  4. The next screen will undoubtedly show the battery life of the Airpods in circles beneath the Apple Watch battery status. When you place one of your Airpods in the charging case, the charging case will display the percentage for each of the Airpods.
  5. Finally, tab “Digital Crown” to get out of the Control Centre. You have done with it.

Ask Airpods Battery Life to your Virtual Assistant Siri

You can, of course, ask Siri to check the battery life of your Airpods. Siri, as an all-knowing intelligent assistant, will undoubtedly answer quickly. Ask Siri, “How much battery life do my Airpods have?” If the Airpods are in the charging case, Siri will respond with the battery life for both the Airpods and the charging case.In other words, if you use Airpods, you must be more precise regarding the charging case or Airpods battery life.

That concludes our discussion of checking the battery level on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. I anticipate that it will be valuable to Apple’s committed followers To answer the most frequently asked concerns or queries.