How to Clear Twitter Cache on iOS & Android

If you are the one who uses social media most, then you have the fear of device slowdown. So, clearing cache and search history occasionally is necessary to save space on your smartphone. This blog will let you know how to clear Twitter (X) cache.

However, if you are a daily Twitter (X) user, you will find that the platform can always load the contents of posts that you have previously viewed quickly, and the reason is that Twitter (X) caches the data to prevent reloading the posts each time you open the app. but, it will slow down phone’s speed by generating more and more cache. Clearing the cache may help you.

So let’s get started…!!

Step-By-Step Guide to Clear Twitter (X) Cache via App Settings

However, clearing the cache will be useful in bringing back the storage you need to hold other files. Follow the steps to remove the cache via Twitter (X) settings.

  • Go to the X App on your device, and tap your profile picture.
  • Choose settings and support > then tap settings and privacy.
Choose settings and support  settings and privacy
  • Tap the “Accessibility, display, and languages” options.
Select Accessibility, display and languages
  • Next, select the “data usage” option.
choose data usage
  • Scroll to the storage option, and tap “Media storage.”
click on Media storage
  • Choose the “clear media storage” option; the App will return you to the Data usage option. 
Tap Clear Media storage
  • Click on web storage > Clear all web storage options.

You will encounter two options while clearing the web storage: the first option deletes only the web page without affecting cookies or saved details. The other option deletes all web caches related to Twitter (X), including sites and login details you saved.

How to Delete Twitter (X) Cache on Android

Clearing the Twitter (X) cache on Android is quite easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Navigate to the settings App of your Android device.
go to settings
  • Move down and select Apps or “Apps & Notifications.”
Go to Apps
  • Select “Manage Apps,” move down, and tap the X app.
select Twitter
  • Find “storage & cache” and tap on it.
Tap storage
  • Last, click on clear data > clear cache. (clearing all data is optional)
tap Clear cache

If you choose and tap clear cache, the App will remove the saved media on other info without the web cache and password. But if you select the clear storage option, the App will clear all web cache, passwords, and media.

How to Clear Twitter (X) Cache on iPhone

However, iOS doesn’t have the option to clear the cache directly; users only delete or reinstall the App or offload the App’s data. Follow the below steps to offload the Twitter (X) app to delete the cache:

  • Go to the settings App on your iPhone.
  • Choose the General option to access the storage settings.
  • Tap iPhone storage on the list, and tap Twitter.
  • Next, choose the Offload app option and verify it.
  • After that, tap reinstall Twitter (X) to bring the App and all its credentials back without any cached data.

However, offloading the app process will not remove any important details, such as login details, but offloading the data cleans the cache and puts the App to sleep.

How to Remove Twitter (X) Search History

Whenever you search for anything on Twitter (X), the site keeps it in a search history so you can find it quickly next time. Twitter (X) also offers suggestions; it benefits your search history to assist in developing a profile on you and show you more stuff that you may have to see.

But if you don’t want to see that history, you can easily remove the Twitter (X) history to de-clutter the search bar. Here’s how you can do it:

Clear Twitter (X) History on PC

  • Sign in to your account on a MacBook or PC.
  • Go to the search bar, and from the upper of the drop-down suggestions menu, next to “Recent,”
  • Tap on the phrase “clear all.”

Clear Twitter (X) Search Suggestions on Smartphone

  • Select the magnifying glass icon to access the search bar.
  • Select the small (x) icon next to “Recent searches” to remove all search history.

Tips for Removing Twitter (X) Cache

  • Limit Background Activity– reduce the usage of other apps in the background while using Twitter (X) to consume the device resources.
  • Manage Notifications– customize the App’s notification to minimize unnecessary background activities and conserve battery.
  • Clear Cache– Clean the Twitter (X) cache once a month to maintain the App’s smooth running.
  • Update the App– keep the App updated to the latest version to ensure you have the latest bug-free version with advanced performance.
  • Restart Device– sometimes restarting the device helps refresh the system and remove temporary files.


Q. What is the difference between clear data & cache data?
Clearing the data and cache are two different things you can take to manage data stored on a device. Clear data deletes all data linked with an app, such as settings, saved files, and preferences. You can clear data when resetting an app to its default.

Whereas clearing the cache removes the temporary data stored on your devices, like videos and images. You can clear the cache to free up your device’s storage or improve the app’s performance.

Q. how to clear Twitter (X) Search Cache?
But if you don’t want to get the same suggestions, you can remove the Twitter (X) search cache by following the below step:
• Log in to your Twitter account and navigate to the search bar.
• Select recent under the suggestion menu and tap Clear All.

Q. What happens to my Drafts if I clear my Twitter (X) cache?
If you clear the cache, you will lose all your drafts. So it’s best to take screenshots of your favorite Tweet. If you have important drafts, you can save them before making any modifications.

Q. how to delete Tweets on Twitter (X)?
To remove a tweet, tap Delete, located beneath it, and it will be deleted.

Q. What does clearing the Twitter (X) cache do?
Removing the Twitter (X) cache is essential to save your phone’s storage and run the app smoothly. Daily clearing Twitter cache will keep the app working efficiently.

Final Words

If you face data breaches or bugs while scrolling X, clearing the cache would be a great way to resolve the issue. We have mentioned several ways how to clear the Twitter cache and search history. So you can keep your device efficiency smooth and remove unnecessary data.