Jailbreak Roblox: The Ultimate Guide to Play like a Pro

Jailbreak Roblox

Jailbreak is one of the most popular and exciting games to play in Roblox. This game is based on the theme of Robbers and police officers. However, Jailbreak Roblox is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Windows, Android, iOS, and even you can play Roblox games on Oculus Quest 2.

In this article, we will discuss the game and its characters, where you find the vehicles and weapons in the game to play as a successful player, and how to redeem promo codes in Jailbreak Roblox to earn free in-game Cash.

Jailbreak Roblox

This game is simply a digital version of Robbers and Police. Jailbreak is one of the most popular and exciting open-world multiplayer games. It was released in 2017 and has been played Six billion times since then. This Roblox game is full of mind-blowing adventures, customizing your avatars, driving all types of vehicles, shooting with guns, and much more to do.

However, this game gives exciting and challenging opportunities to both of the players, whether you decide to play as a criminal or police officer. This game is divided into two teams: good guys and bad guys. When the game begins, it asks you to select the role of the character in the game. Choose your character according to your desire and play the game as a criminal or police officer.

How to Play Jailbreak Roblox as a Criminal

Playing as a Criminal, your game starts in the cell, where you have to wait for 15 seconds before making an effort to free from the cell. You have to go to the entrance, where the box is placed. Now, keep punching the box until the gate is open. Once the gate is open, there is another gate you have to smash without getting caught by the officer’s attention. Otherwise, the game is over if the officer arrests you.

Once all the efforts are successful and you get out of the prison, you will have to get the vehicle. Try to drive the car and go to the criminal base to get guns. After you get the guns, you can rob banks and jewelry shops and even kill police officers to get more weapons and continue their criminal activities.

How to Play Jailbreak Roblox as a Police Officer

When you play Roblox Jailbreak as a Police Officer, your job is to keep the prisoners from escaping. If you find a prisoner trying to get out the jail, you can arrest them, and even if they run, you can even kill them. Remember one thing: if you kill innocent people and arrest innocent ones, you will be sent to jail.

 As an officer, you must enforce the law; you can only arrest the prisoner under the following conditions:

  • They are in a restricted area.
  • They have punched the box in the prison.
  • They have entered the vehicle.
  • They have pickpocketed an officer.

Jailbreak Roblox Vehicles

Jailbreak Roblox offers all types of amazing vehicles, such as cars, trucks, bikes, planes, and water vehicles. Following are some of the famous vehicle’s names and their specifications.


Camaro and police CamaroPrice: Free
Speed: Slow but good for off-road
Seats: Two seats
Spawn Location: Criminal bases, police stations, airports, fire stations, and power plants
Delorean  Price: 175k
Speed: Slow but good for off-road
Spawn Location: Fire station
Deja  Price: 10k
Speed: Mediocre, but great braking and is good off-road
Seats: three seats
Spawn Location: House near garage 2
Model 3Price:10k
Speed: Slow but good in acceleration, and not suitable for off-roading
Seats: 4 seats
Ray  Price: 25k
Speed: great braking and reverse speed and  good for off-roading
Seats: two seats
Spawn Location: Cargo port
Classic Car  Price: 50k
Speed: slow but good in acceleration
Spawn Location: Museum
Interrogator  Price: 30k
Speed: Slow but good for off-road
Seats: Four Seats
Sentinel  Price: 200k
Speed: Fast
Spawn Location: Waterfall
Eclaire  Price: 500k
Speed: Fastest
Seats: 2 Seats
Spawn Location: near jewelry store
Roadster  Price: 600k
Speed: Fastest vehicle
Seats: 2 Seats
Spawn Location: near jewelry store

Trucks and Vans

Pickup truck  Price: 9k or 399 Robux
Speed: Slow but well for off-road.
Seats: Four seat
Spawn Location: Gas Station 1
Cyber truck  Price: 100k
Speed: Fast
Seats: Six Seats
Spawn Location: Museum
Fire truck  Price: 175k
Speed: Slow but well for off-road
Spawn Location: Fire station
Monster Truck  Price: 1000k
Speed: Slow but well for off-road
Seats: 6 seats available.
Spawn Location: Fire station
Swat Van  Price: 350 Robux
Speed: Slow but well for off-road
Ambulance  Price: 90k
Speed: Normal speed but good for off-road
Rolls Royce Wraith  Price: 300 Robux
Speed: Medium but good for off-road
Spawn Location: city criminal base and volcano criminal base

Helicopters and Planes

Helicopter  Price: Free
Speed: Medium
Spawn Location: police station (roofs) 1 and 2 and military base
Little Bird  Price: 190k
Speed: Fast
BlackhawkPrice: 1000k
Speed: Fast
Drone  Price: 1000k
Speed: Fast
Stunt  Price: 200k
Speed: Slow
Spawn Location: Airport
Jet  Price: 1000k
Speed: Fastest vehicle of the game, and also has the fastest acceleration
Spawn Location: Airport and Military Base


Dirt Bike  Price: 35k
Speed: Slow but very well for off-road
Dune BuggyPrice: 45k
Speed: Slow but very good for off-road
ATV  Price: 50k
Speed: Mediumbut very good for off-road
Volt Bike and Tron Bike  Price: 50k
Speed: The fastest speed, great acceleration, also ideal for off-road.
Spawn Location: Train Station 2
PatrolPrice: 55k
Speed: Slow and good for off-road

Water Vehicles

Jet Ski  Price: 25k
Speed: Medium
Spawn Location: Docks
Cruiser  Price: 35k
Speed: Medium
Spawn Location: Docks
Sloop  Price: 1000k
Speed: Medium
Spawn Location: Docks

Jailbreak Roblox Weapons

Another exciting thing Roblox offers to its players is the huge variety of weapons. Below are all the weapon’s names, and their prices and spawn locations are mentioned.

Pistol  Price: $50,000 in-game cash pawn
Location: Top secret hangar in Military Base
Rifle  Price: SWAT Game pass and BOSS Game  pass pawn
Location: SWAT Van, Wraith
Rocket LauncherPrice: $25,000 in-game cash pawn
Location: Gun shop 1, Gun shop 2, Military base
UziPrice: $15,000 in-game cash pawn
Location: Gun shop 1, Gun shop 2, Military base
AK-47  Price: $10,000 in-game cash pawn
Location: Inside the Rising City Gun Shop
Grenades  Price: $1000 in-game cash pawn
Location: City criminal base, Volcano base, all police Stations, Security office, Military base, Gun shop 1, Gun shop 2
Shotgun  Cost: Free or 300 Robux for silencer
Spawn Location: joining the police team, city criminal base, volcano base, all police Stations, Pickpocketing police, Security office, military base, Police corpse
Alien or plasma pistolPrice: Free
Spawn Location: behind the bank door requires a keycard
SniperPrice: SWAT Game pass and BOSS Game pass pawn
Location: SWAT Van, Wraith
Revolver  Price: Free
Spawn Location: Museum
Rocket LauncherPrice: SWAT Game pass and BOSS Game pass pawn
Location: SWAT Van, Wraith
Missiles  Price: $5,000
Spawn Location: Black-Hawk, Jet, Tank

Jailbreak Roblox Promo Codes

Jailbreak Roblox Promo Codes

Jailbreak codes are the free rewards to earn free Cash in the game to purchase new items and upgrade the old ones. This code is posted on Badimo’s Twitter account and Discord Channel to keep an eye on Badimo’s accounts to avail of promo codes and enjoy free rewards.

Here is the full list of active and expired Jail break Roblox codes.

Active Jailbreak Roblox Codes

  • Sep23: reward 10k cash
  • YoutubehellotsVG : HelloItsVG( tire sticker)
  • YoutubeNoobFreak : NoobFreak (tire sticker)
  • Wildest: Reward 10k Cash
  • Spring 23: Reward 12.5k Cash
  • July2023: Reward 10k cash
  • Summer23:  Reward 10k cash
  • Dreamhome:  Reward 10k Cash
  • Birthday6:  Reward 12.5k cash
  • CrewCOde3:  Reward Crew Battles

Expired Jailbreak Roblox Codes

  • Winter22: Reward  12k Cash
  • NPC: Reward  10k Cash
  • Thesafeupdate1: Reward 12k cash
  • Thesafeupdate2: Reward 12k cash
  • Hyperchrome: Reward 10k Cash
  • Season10: Reward 10k Cash
  • Private jet: Reward 10k Cash
  • TOW: Reward 10k Cash
  • Museum: Reward 5K Cash
  • WinterUpdate2021: Reward 5K Cash 
  • Fall2021: Reward 5k Cash
  • Memes: Reward 5K Bucks 
  • Summer vibes: Reward 7.5K Bucks
  • SOLIDGOLDWOOO: Reward 5k Bucks
  • 4years: Reward 10,000 cash
  • March2021: Reward 5k Cash
  • Doggo: Reward 7.5k Cash
  • Winter: Reward 5k Cash
  • FALL2020: Reward 5k Cash
  • MOLTEN: Reward 10k Cash
  • Balance: Reward 6k Cash
  • 5Days: Reward 7.5k  Cash

How to Redeem Jailbreak Roblox Codes

  • Go to the official Roblox jailbreak page and tap on the green button to start the game.
  • Search the green ATMs near the banks, gas stations, police stations, and train stations.
  • Head to the ATM and type the code.
  • Click on the redeem button to claim your reward.


Which places are easiest and which places are hardest to rob in Jailbreak?
The Donut Store and Gas Station are the easiest places to do robbery, while the Bank, museum, train, and jewelry store are the hardest places to rob.

What are JB Values in Jailbreak Roblox?
JB Values is the trading website of Roblox Jailbreak. This website gives you accurate information about trading in-game.

Wrapping Up

This article is the complete guide to Jailbreak Roblox and how you can play this game as a criminal and police officer. This game offers amazing vehicles, weapons, and many other cool perks to its players. However, this game is perfect for both doing criminal activities and catching criminals.

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