LinkedIn Launches Generative AI Assistant to Recruitment Ads & Writing Profiles

LinkedIn Launches Generative AI Assistant
LinkedIn Launches Generative AI Assistant

At the start of this month, LinkedIn will produce “AI-powered conversation starters” in public news feeds to increase engagement on its platform. This initiative will unlock great opportunities as well as elevate your career.

We know LinkedIn has been using a lot more AI and other automation across different aspects of its years for many years, mainly because Now, with its owner Microsoft moving ahead all-in on OpenAI, it seems to be the dominant part of the strategy for LinkedIn on the front end as well in the upcoming areas of profiles, recruitment, and LinkedIn learning.

However, the latest AI-writing prompts for profiles are intended to assist people who struggle to write alluring summaries about their identities and try their best to describe their accomplishments. Although, the new AI tool is meant to make a more flowing narrative and recommends reading through generated information and fact-checking.

The company is about to launch AI-powered writing suggestions that will initially be offered to users to spruce their LinkedIn profiles and recruiters writing job descriptions. Advanced GPT models create both, said Toner Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer. The company announced on Wednesday that even LinkedIn is using GPT for personalized profiles, job listing, and filling out resumes.

It will become convenient for premium subscribers to write and upload job descriptions for listing job postings. The technique is simple as the user only needs to enter the basic details about the company, such as the title and name of the company.

Toner Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer, said in the release, “I’m glad to launch a new AI-powered experience, leveraging the most advanced Open AI GPT models, as we look forward to ways to create more value for our members and customers.”

According to Cohen, the company is adding a startling new feature to its AI-related news. The website will now include more than 100 AI classes accessible to all LinkedIn users without charge until June 15, 2023.

As the LinkedIn spokesperson sayings, the courses will remain “available and free of cost for all, whether you subscribe to LinkedIn Learning or even have a LinkedIn profile.” However, after the end of the duration, the classes will still be available to LinkedIn Learning subscribers and will be included in the Premium subscription.

Cohen also confirmed in the press release that the company would also roll out to exceed 20 Generative AI courses to help users.

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