Pokemon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on April 12

Pokemon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally confirmed the beloved Nintendo 64 title will be added to NSO on April 12., after a prolonged period. But, with all N64 games, this Pokemon stadium is only accessible with the more expensive Nintendo Expansion Pack membership.

Pokemon fans know the real joy of seeing their team Duke it out against opponents & friends in glorious 3D in Pokemon Stadium, which was released in early 2000 for the Nintendo 64, or they must remember dipping numerous hours into the competitive mini-games that could be enjoyed when you weren’t fighting.

Now, users can again enjoy the fun, and nostalgia returns next week. For Nintendo Switch owners who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service ($49.99/year), you can start downloading and playing the Pokemon stadium on April 122.

In Pokemon Stadium, you can combat it out solo with your preferred team of six Pokemon across four tournaments in stadium mode or run it back against Kanto’s elite trainers in the Gym leader’s castle. However, success in any of these modes will save a spot for your champion team in Victory Palace, but winning both modes will unfold a final battle challenge.

Also, users can play in multiplayer with their friends in the 1-4 player free battle mode. In the game’s kids’ cub, users can enjoy different mini-games like Sushi-Go-Round and Clefairy, with up to three other players.

But still, users are confused. Will they be able to import Pokemon on the Switch? All we can say is no; we haven’t seen any such thing in the trailer. You cannot bring your own Pokemon to Stadium to combat with friends. There was online fan discussion that put forward the game was taking so long to release because the Pokemon Company and Nintendo were working on a way to incorporate the Virtual Console releases, which we may see in the future on the Switch, and let you import your teams from Pokemon Red, Blue and yellow, but there are no facts to support that idea.

Moreover, Pokemon Stadium 2 has already been confirmed for Nintendo, but the date hasn’t been announced. Users may not have to wait long, as Nintendo actively added games in NSO every month.

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