FFXIV Diadem Mission: Topmost Fishing and Gathering Guide

The Aetheromatic Auger
The Aetheromatic Auger

A ffXIV diadem is a crown, especially a decorative diadem worn by majesties and others as a badge of royalty. The word diadem comes from the Greek word “diadema” which means something you have to bind around your head.

The term “diadema” described the embroidered white silk ribbon ending in a knot and two strips of fringe that were usually draped over the shoulder that surrounded the head of the king to represent his authority. These ribbons were also used in ancient times to crown victorious athletes in important sports games. It was later on applied to a metal crown, usually in a round shape.

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What is Diadem: ffXIV diadem?

What do you do in the Diadem
What do you do in the Diadem

The Diadem is an exploration mission introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and first appears in patch 3.1. It is a large instanced area composed of many floating islands. There is almost always one up-and-down different situation in the game. Each island is packed with dangerous monsters that no gather can withstand in deadly combat and with plenty of knots from which materials can extract.

The ffXIV Diadem has undergone several redesigns throughout its life. It was initially developed for combat and gathering disciplines. It underwent a minor first overhaul in patch 3.4 with Diadem Hunting Grounds and a pure combat version that retains the original.

In patch 3.5, all previous versions of the Diadem would be removed and replaced in patch 3.55b by Rage Trials, which focus on fighting or loot. The 3.55b Diadem also introduced the first Open Dungeon in the Emergency Mission.

An open Dungeon is a large-scale dungeon that has a lot of parties that could challenge at the same time. The latest redesign was removed in patch 5.1 and replaced in patch 5.21 with a purely collective version for the Ishgardian Restoration.

What do you do in the Diadem?

Whether you enter the Diadem alone or in a group, the ffXIV Diadem starts in the same place. From that moment on, where you go is totally up to you. Each island can have the same house materials, so you do not have to search for a specific island to find what you’re looking for in the game. Yet, when taking down enemies with the Aether Cannon for more specific loot, some places are more closely packed than others. It is something to keep in mind when looking for efficiency.

Leveling of Fishing
Leveling of Fishing

At the end of the day, what you collect from the tiara is what you keep. Most materials are worth the same number of scripts. So unless you are gathering materials that you play with, it doesn’t matter what you want to collect. A great way to play is to look at the market boards before you go out and try to collect whatever is currently selling for a high price.

When I started level 80 Grade 2 Sky builders’ Cloud Drop Water, I was a forever. It is used for a recipe of the highest level in numerous craft classes, and it seemed to be in short supply. However, your server may be different, so it is best to check the recipes in the crafting menu and throw the required items in a market board search to see what is most worth your time.

How to get over the Diadem: ffXIV Diadem:

The ffXIV Diadem used to be a little free for everyone. Each time you enter, you must explore the currents of aether on each island before you can soar into the skies on your flying mount. It was hell.

These days, you can fly freely as soon as you go up, but you may not want to use it all the time. Tornadoes placed on the edges of each island can launch you to another much faster than any flying mount like a rocket.

With several hours on the clock, you won’t have to depend on them to get around, but hyper-focused collectors can save their wits with these jets.

Types & Time of Diadem Weather:

The weather changes quite frequently in the ffXIV Diadem. Ten times repeating the actions may seem like an hour, but that is how long any weather effect lasts. It will not mean much unless you are level 80, but Threshold’s four different weather conditions create another single-use node at a predetermined location on the map. These weather effects occur every 20 minutes and last 10 minutes. So not only do you have enough time to find your way to the knot, but you do not have to wait long to get another one.

The four forms of umbral weather of ffXIV diadem are as follows:

  1. The Umbral Flare
  2. & Umbral Tempest
  3. The Umbral Levin
  4. & Umbral Duststorm

At the moment, there seems to be no way to influence the type of weather that appears. I was lucky enough to clear all four Threshold variants in my first race, but you might have the same kind of weather three times in a row. Your “luck,” of course, depends entirely on what you expect from these temporary weather conditions. You may want Threshold Flare and nothing else.

Since everyone there might wish an entirely different kind of weather to come into play, chances are it’s impossible to influence the temperature yourself. You also can’t predict it with a Skywatcher. This is not Eureka, brothers, and sisters, but it can seem just as tough to search for large amounts of Umbral Flare stone. On the other hand, if you aim at something, you will end up in that position.

Coordinates of the Umbral Nodes: ffXIV Diadem

ffxiv diadem gathering
ffxiv diadem gathering

So what can you collect from each of these types of weather? A stone, a tree trunk, another stone, and a mushroom! If you have not collected it yet, it is two knots for botanists and two for miners. If you have both classes at level 80, you are an all-weather collector. Well done.

Here are all the ffXIV Diadem umbral node location coordinates and the weather you will need to display:

  1. The Umbral Flare:            Umbral Flare stone (x13 y9)
  2. Then, Umbral Tempest:     Umbral Gale wood Log (x9 y30)
  3. Umbral Levin:           Umbral Levin shard (x34 y13)
  4. Umbral Dust storm: Umbral Eathcap (x29 y33)

The Aetheromatic Auger – Lase Cannon:

The Aetheromatic Auger is a giant laser cannon that botanists and miners receive every time they step onto the Diadem. It is the plain laser from ffXIV Diadem. The Machinist Class Master developed this defensive tool to solve the problem of sneaking out of mobs when your lowly pickaxe cannot defend against them. Instead, you can blow them up.

This great blaster is more than just a way out of a challenging situation. After all, it would not do much good if the Diadem residents left level 80 gathered alone. Instead, it is actively used to collect large amounts of material from the ten different monsters you can find on the islands. But you cannot just take down all the monsters you see. That would be a massacre. Instead, the Aetheric Auger charges as it builds up. It can hold five loads at a time, with a single load requiring around 40 swings from a harvesting tool to build up; that is about eight full knots for the standard five-sweep crop.

Fishing in ffXIV Diadem:

Types & Time of Diadem Weather
Types & Time of Diadem Weather

FFXIV diadem Fishing is more of a separate mini-game, although it shares some attributes and concepts. It is less dependent on GP usage and has more random effects. At a higher level, ocean fishing in FFXIV is possible with more home catches of certain types of fish (e.g., Gobies), allowing for the tagging of uncommon fish species. Beyond level 50, the patience and hook game skills enable anglers to spend GP to increase the chances of catching an HQ fish.

FFXIV Diadem Enticement:

The Merchant & Mender at the entrance to Diadem sells two types of bait: freshwater bait and aerial fishing bait.

If you are below level 45, you must collect goby balls, mosquito baskets, or butter worms. Once you have unlocked Sky fishing at level 45, you will be able to catch bigger fish (and get higher scores). Buy the unique Diadem only bait for these legendary fish: Diadem Balloon Bug, Diadem Red Balloon, Diadem Crane Fly, or Diadem Schwebewurm. Get a stack or two of each to ensure you have the right bait for your threshold weather.

Leveling of Fishing:

Two places in the ffXIV diadem mission are specifically for grading:

  • Northern Lake
  • Southern Lake

If you are below level 45, this is where you want to be. Northern Diadem Lake is located in the northwest corner of the map at X: 10, Y: 9.

FFXIV Diadem Enticement
FFXIV Diadem Enticement

Southern Diadem Lake is located at X: 10, Y: 31 in the southwest corner of the map. As in the North Sea, a parachute fishing bait with a headdress cannot be used here.

What is Diadem
What is Diadem

Weather Conditions for ffXIV Diadem Fishing: 

As with all fishing in Final Fantasy XIV, the weather plays a massive role in the fish you can catch at any given time.

Four types of weather can occur in ffXIV Diadem: Umbral Flare, Umbral Dust, Umbral Levin, and Umbral Tempest. This weather corresponds to the four available Sky fishing locations: Blustery Cloud top, Calm Cloud top, Swirling Cloud top, and Windswept Cloud top.

To maximize your points for the Ishgardian Restoration, make sure you are fishing in the right place with the right bait in asuitable climate. These legendary fish are worth a significant number of points.

  1. Normal Weather:

In normal weather conditions, the best place to fish is Calm Cloud top. Try to catch Cloud Cutter and use Mooch or Mooch II. You snag a vampire tapestry with a medium pull or a Gobbie mask with a light force. Double hook with the Gobbie mask for a great payday. Each Gobbie cover is worth 1580 points and 40 Sky builder scrip.

  1. Umbral Flare:

In Umbral Flare, fish atop the storm cloud (X: 31.8 Y: 11.0) with Diadem Balloon Bugs for a chance to fish kite.

  1. Umbral Dust:

Umbral Dust is the legendary fish Anomalocaris. Cast a line with Diadem Red Balloons as bait at Calm Cloud top (X: 28.9 Y: 31.8.).

  1. Umbral Levin:

The fish of the moment in Umbral Levin’s weather is Rhamphorhynchus. Wear a Crane Headband atop the Swirling Cloud (X: 13.1, Y: 24.9.).

  1. Umbral Tempest:

Catch the Legendary Dragon Soul atop the Windswept Cloud during Umbral Tempest: X: 29.7, Y: 16.3. It is a legendary tugboat caught with diadem hover worms.

Gathering in ffXIV Diadem:

FFXIV Diadem Mission
FFXIV Diadem Mission

Gathering can be a good alternative or a complement to crafts. Here is how you can effectively improve your skills. There are a thousand different things to do in (ffXIV Diadem) Final Fantasy XIV, and gathering is something you may not have tried before. Whether you are breaking rocks, cutting trees, or transporting fish, the gathering can be a fun and rewarding activity. Here we go through the fundamentals of gathering and the best way to start collecting.

The Fundamentals of Gathering in Diadem:

There are currently three classes of gathering in the game; Fisherman, botanist, and miner. Botanists tend trees and plants, miners break rocks and collect minerals, and fishers harvest the abundance of the sea.

You can collect items worldwide, but you generally want to stay in areas close to your level because of the fisherman’s nature and the difference between him, the miner, and the botanist. We will concentrate mainly on the last two classes of this manual.

Why Should You Level up Your Gathering Class in ffXIV Diadem?

The gathering is a much easier realm than crafting. It can be an engaging introduction to the disciple of hand or earth classes. Or maybe you want to do something while waiting for the DPS queues. However, there are many advantages to even having a gathering class.

The gathering class pair very well with the Crafting Classes, as you can collect your materials without worrying about hoarding. Plus, you can make a significant amount of profit just by collecting and selling hot items.

Gathering Skill Leveling in Diadem:

There are a few different methods of leveling up your class, which we will cover next.

  1. Levequest:
the diadem ffxiv
the diadem ffxiv

Levequest is a repeatable mission that you can complete in different areas of the game. You have to go to a specific location, collect a certain amount of items, and then deliver the mission in each mission.

Level missions are a very efficient way to level up, but they are timed. You are only awarded six-level assignments each day, limiting the amount you can level up each day. We recommend using them between levels 150 to unlock better opportunities to level up.

2. Daily Quest for the Beast Tribe:

Beast Tribe Quests are daily quests that you can complete from a specific Beast Tribe. The beast tribes that have gathering missions are as follows:

  • Namazu Levels 6070
  • Qitari Levels 7080
diadem ffxiv
diadem ffxiv

These are only available at higher levels, so you will need to level up to level 60 otherwise. You will also need to unlock the Beast Tribe before you can begin your daily missions. However, once you can complete the Beast Tribe missions. They will provide you with a quick source of experiences to repeat every day.


So, in this guide, we have mentioned all the details of the ffxiv diadem, including the top-notch fishing & gathering guide. If you have any queries, then feel free to comment to us, and do not forget to share your Diadem experience with us.