How To Sell Safemoon on Trust Wallet: Easy to Do It

How to Sell Safemoon

Let’s talk about how to sell SafeMoon: selling SafeMoon tokens on a trust wallet is easy to pursue because it is a popular app that holds cryptocurrencies by your trust. It offers a decentralized environment that allows you to keep the peace as you continue to use this wallet. Whether you are using an android or iOS smartphone, you may use a trust wallet to hold digital assets securely.

If you have credited a SafeMoon token on pancake exchange, you probably cannot wait to transfer the money into your trust wallet. Therefore, you are at the right place to learn how to figure out how to vend SafeMoon on a trust wallet.

What Are Safemoon Tokens?

Before going on to how to vend or buy a SafeMoon token, I want to describe what SafeMoon is? SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency token that is based on Binance smart chain technology. You can also trade and sell or buy the token when it reaches the peak of selling value to secure profits. As a result of the high volatility of Safemoon tokens, many people end up with outstanding returns when they vend them. However, remember that it is impossible to sell SafeMoon on a decentralized exchange, including trust wallets directly. However, alternative methods are equally efficient, so let’s look at them in more detail.

Perception About Trust Wallet

When you start to learn how to vend SafeMoon on a trust wallet, before learning, start with the knowledge of a trust wallet which is trusted by people of the whole world who are like to trade on a different platform. On the other side, it is a diverse crypto wallet that supports millions of cryptocurrencies. The users of both Android and iOS use this wallet to purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Moreover, NFTs are a diverse form because it’s inspiring to use on phones like other wallets. Users have to keep a deep interest in their passphrases. Or they may end up enduringly losing access to their assets.

How Can We Sell Safemoon on Trust Wallet?

Selling SafeMoon on a trust wallet is another challenge before going on to the trading. The seller must make an account on Binance because the SafeMoon crypto-only runs on the Binance blockchain. Hence, with the help of the Binance blockchain, any seller can convert SafeMoon tokens into Binance coins. Now want to grab and learn this technique successfully, so follow the steps below to learn more about the selling scenario process.

how to sell safemoon on trust wallet
how to sell safemoon on trust wallet
  • Access or Log into a Trust Wallet Account

Before transaction from any account, the user must create and approve their account with the platform. Those who currently want to use or pursue a trust wallet for trading or selling purposes can download or visit the trust wallet application via a browser. And they can register on the platform.

At this point, registering with Trust Wallet is fairly simple since its interface is simple and requires little help. After the seller has a Trust Wallet account, they will be able to see their SafeMoon address on the main page. Before proceeding to the next step, sellers should carefully examine how many SafeMoon tokens they have in their wallets.

  • Open Pancake Swap in the Trust Wallet to Sell SafeMoon

In this step, the seller is likely to open a pancake swap in their trust wallet. In addition to pancake swap, sellers may also use other exchanges. Furthermore, they may choose an exchange with whom they are more comfortable. Nonetheless, we will review the SafeMoon exchange because ordering it through the Pancake Swap exchange is highly recommended.

  • Switch SafeMoon Tokens for BNB

Sellers will need to click on the Binance symbol on the application when they are in the Pancake Swap exchange. After they have done that, they need to search for Safemoon in the search bar at the top of their screen. Afterward, they will be required to select the SafeMoon amount of tokens and they would like to swap for BNB tokens, and a confirmation report will be available soon. Sellers will see details on the transaction fees they expect to pay on the Binance network on the confirmation screen. Lastly, sellers will find the aquamarine icon and click on it to confirm their swap.

  • Let’s Convert the Smart Chain to BNB Binance to Sell SafeMoon

Upon swapping the Safemoon tokens into Binance-based tokens, they will appear on Binance’s smart chain. However, in order to accomplish the operation, they must be transferred to the Binance Chain. This can be done by locating the main menu of their wallet and selecting BNB. And then click the Swap to Binance Chain button. This step must be completed for the BNB tokens to be exchanged successfully.

  • Send Converted BNB to Binance Chain

Now, finalize the selling of SafeMoon tokens. Sellers should have to send all their converted BNB to Binance. Once the conversion process is completed, they can proceed to make a withdrawal of their money from their money trust wallet directly into their bank accounts. However, the exchange is suggested since Binance is the native token to exchange; hence, many users have a better deal in terms of fees.

Now let’s have a look at the last step on how to sell SafeMoon on a trust wallet.

  • Lastly, the Conversion of BNB to Fiat Currency

Now here is the final step to vend SafeMoon tokens. The sellers will be required to sell their BNB tokens to end up with USD. And those who prefer other currencies can use that currency and convert their USD into the other supported currencies. Afterward, sellers can withdraw their money if they want to do other types of investment they are interested in once the conversion is complete.

How To Buy Safemoon on Trust Wallet

By buying the SafeMoon tokens on a trust wallet, you need to have Binance’s decentralized marketplace (PancakeSwap). As we all know that Binance is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there, and buying it is not an easy task to follow but to sell safemoon is a way opposite method.

Therefore, you just need to have a Binance smart chain wallet like MetaMask & Trust Wallet, and we are focusing on the trust wallet app because it is secure to hold any currency.

Before starting need to have these requirements:

  • Download the trust wallet app on your mobile (iOS & Android), and it will appear as “Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet App.”
  • Set a recovery phase to access your crypto wallet in case you lose access to it and the dozen recovery words you will be receiving.
  • Now complete to install the Trust wallet, and you will be ready to use your new wallet!

Now let’s start with the following steps in detail:

  1. Buy Binance Coin

You cannot buy SafeMoon with fiat money and need to buy and trade Binance coins to swap them for SafeMoon. Nonetheless, you can indeed buy Binance coin tokens with your credit card in a trust wallet or Binance exchange directly.

  1. Conversion of BNB to Smart Chain Tokens with Trust Wallet

Think about your investment in SafeMoon, so make your purchase directly on the platform and back to the trust wallet to place a smart chain order. You are required to swap all the Binance coins you bought to a smart chain, which can be done only with the main screen of the trust wallet.

Once you move the Binance coin to the smart chain, your friend will show on the screen’s status bar, and you will use your recent buying BNB in your trust wallet to attain SafeMoon.

  1. Go to the Swap of Pancake Exchange Page

The pancake has been a basic exchange of SafeMoon, and for this purpose, you have to connect your trust wallet to the Dapp browser. So active the Dapp browser is important to access pancake swap and you cannot skip this step. The whole process is pretty manageable on iOS and Android devices.

  1. Conversion of Smart Chain to SafeMoon Tokens

When your trust wallet is connected to the pancake swap, you have to use the search bar and look for SafeMoon. Now you can exchange the smart chain BNB you buy for SafeMoon tokens. Here consider the following steps:

  • SafeMoon taxes will take 10% each transaction of each submitted.
  • Now click on the setting icon to set a slippage tolerance of 12% that change the executed price depending on multiple factors. Otherwise, you cannot trade the tokens.

Furthermore, set the amount of BNB where you want to exchange for SafeMoon and click on confirm swap. Now your transaction should be processed ASAP.

  1. Verify your Funds by the Activation of SafeMoon on Trust Wallet

In the last step, you have successfully converted the smart chain into SafeMoon! And it’s time to HODL; wait for it to rise steeply! The question arises of how to see your funds in a trust wallet. Therefore, follow the steps below in a quick version.

  • Copy the address of the SafeMoon contract that can be found on the same exchange page where you can buy the funds.
  • Click on the Add Custom Token on the trust wallet that will be next to a blue icon and search for SafeMoon.
  • Paste the address of the SafeMoon contract, and now you can click on done.

Now you will see your SafeMoon funds in your trust wallet. That’s all to know!

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