10 Walmart Plus Benefits

Walmart Plus benefits

Have you already subscribed for Walmart Plus membership and want to know about Walmart Plus benefits? This article will let you know all the benefits you will get from Walmart Plus. Walmart promo codes & deals are also provided to value their buyer’s money, Like Temu coupon codes.

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However, if you want exclusive benefits on your shopping experience, Walmart+ membership is actually worth it. Following are the benefits you will get once you sign up for it:

1.      Ultimate Deliveries and Shipping

You can order almost everything from typical store grocery delivery to a vast range of merchandise. You will get your order delivered on the very next day with no order minimum, and same-day delivery is available, too.

  • 5.99 Dollars will be charged on orders under 35$.
  • First come, first serve is available for popular time slots.

2.      Discounts On Gas

Benefits you will get from a Walmart Plus membership is that it offers a 10% per gallon discount on gas purchases, which is increased per gallon by five cents. On the purchase of the following items, the discount is applied:

  • Mobil
  • Exxon
  • Murphy Gas stations
  • At Sams Club pumps, the members can fuel up gas at a lower price than general, and no additional discount is there, though.

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3.      Scan And Go

After being a Walmart Plus member, you can access the Walmart mobile App feature. With the help of this feature, you do not have to wait in a very long line for a long period to check out. Then, it provides you with early access. Instead, you can use UPCs to scan for the items you have added to the cart. Furthermore, it gives you a running total of the products you have purchased.

However, before leaving at self-checkout station, you can scan the QR code. And if your payment information is saved in your Walmart wallet, you can easily pay from your mobile phone, too. Besides, it also has a downside that it does not load the coupon codes at the moment.

4.      Spotify Access

Walmart+ members also have the advantage of accessing Spotify’s premium ad-free version for free for 6 months. Nearly 60$ value is the given cost is a Spotify premium subscription individually per month 9.99$.

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5.      Early Alerts/Deals Access

The benefits of Walmart Plus are that its members get early alerts and access to the deals or any new releases and Black Friday Sales. However, these are very beneficial if a limited supply is there.

6.      Free Streaming/ Paramount + Essential Plan

It is an ad-supported tier where you can get free access to paramount + essential plans. Apart from that, it actually costs 4.99 dollars per month or 49.99 dollars per year.

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7.      Shopping Rewards

Access to cashback rebates on items such as groceries, households, and many more for Walmart+ members. However, in partnership with Ibotta, which is a cashback reward program is being offered. Per year, $500 can be earned by the members with these rewards. Moreover, these rewards can also be accessed with the help of 30-day trial members.

8.      Same-day, Next-Day Or Two-Day Free Shipping

You can get your grocery delivery on same-day. Furthermore, eligible items with no minimum order on a huge assortment are offered free next-day or two-day for Walmart+ members. That means that without any surcharges, your order can be shipped.

9.      Walmart InHome Delivery

Get your groceries delivered directly from Walmart to your refrigerator for an additional 40 Dollars as an add-on optional benefit. However, to avail of this option, members can check on Walmart.com.

10. Walmart Plus Week

Walmart Plus Week is an event where exclusive deals and discount benefits are offered to the members for a week. Similar to Amazon Prime Day. However, it is open to all, not just members.

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Amazon Plus Vs. Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus Vs. Amazon Plus

The following are the key differences between Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime:

 Walmart PlusAmazon Prime
Annual Membership Cost98 Dollars           139 Dollars
Monthly membership costs        12.95 Dollars14.99 Dollars
Free trial period30 Days               30 Days
Cost Free Shipping    Next-Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery with no order minimum               One-Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery, and Same-Day Delivery with no minimum spend
Free Grocery delivery     Yes, with 35 Dollars order minimum            Yes, order minimums vary
Other benefits  Mobile scan and go, Paramount+ essential plan, fuel pricing, etc.  Online programs like Prime movies, songs, and e-books


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[wps_accordion_item title=’Qno1: How do I cancel my Walmart Plus free trial?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Ans: To cancel Walmart Plus free trials:
• First, go to the three lines at the top left corner, which is your menu.
• Now, under pickups and deliveries in the popup window, select Walmart+.
• Then your account information will appear.
• Lastly, at the bottom of the page, click on Cancel Walmart+ Trial or Account.

[wps_accordion_item title=’Qno2: Why do I need a Walmart account?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Ans: If you are a Walmart daily shopper and you want to get all the Walmart plus benefits and perks, including Walmart-owned companies like Jet.com, Sam`s Club, and Bonobos, then you need a Walmart account.[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Qno3: How to cancel my Walmart subscription fee?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Ans: To cancel your Walmart subscription fee, you need to:
• First, log in to your Walmart Account.
• Then, in the top right corner, go to “Your Account”.
• Next, choose “Delivery Unlimited.”
• Then tap on to the “End Delivery Ultimate.”
• Lastly, to confirm the cancelation, follow the next prompt.


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