Youtube App Keeps Pausing

If you are encountering issues with YouTube keeps pausing, then you are not alone. A lot of YouTube users have recently reported that YouTube videos regularly pause on their devices. If you are also encountering this issue, this guide would be the best place for you. We are continuing to share a few techniques with you to fix the ‘YouTube keeps pausing’ problem on your devices.

As you can see that YouTube is among the most successful and famous apps nowadays. It is used by millions of people over the globe and for each generation. YouTube allows us to view or upload personal videos, and share them with our colleagues. But it is not ideal. Similar to all other apps, you may have encountered some glitches when interacting with the YouTube App.

The YouTube App continuously crashing and pausing is the most common one. Now several YouTube users mentioned that when playing the video on YouTube, it gets a pleasant flow, nevertheless then the video pauses (it can be a random touch). So that they play the video again, watch it for some minutes, but the YouTube video keeps pausing itself.

Youtube Keeps Pausing
Youtube Keeps Pausing

Reasons for YouTube Keeps Pausing 

Using the Old Version of YouTube 

Some users commonly shut down the auto-update on their application store. Also, they sometimes dull to update it because whole offline videos will delete from their device. They presumably do not know that it can make an app get some issues. Also, they maybe did not own a lot of internet quota to update it. If this is the query, then you should understand what to do subsequent.

If your YouTube continuously pausing without you touching it, the first thing you can do is view your device’s App Store or Play Store. Take a glance if your YouTube app is the latest version or not. If it is not, you just lack to update it and download Youtube’s latest version. Do not neglect to make sure that your phone has sufficient internet and storage quota to download it. However, sometimes it is better to delete YouTube videos to solve the issues.

Network Disruption

The other difficulty that normally created YouTube retains pausing is network disruption. Your internet connectivity may be in a weak situation and it taking slower to buffer the content. Sometimes, this issue can occur not because of your phone problem. The Wi-Fi Provider or developer can cause it while they make some upgrades or append their speed.

YouTube owns a default algorithm when the network is in a problem. They will stop the video playing because it has not been downloaded yet. If this appears to you, you can use a different provider or remain for the connection back to normal. These all, it is worth to spend more funds and use the entrusted provider because you can get a more reliable connection.

Buffering From a Bad Network Connection

When a YouTube video continuously pausing, it is a sign of your network connection stuttering. Whenever you view the White circle of is running, then you surely know your video is buffering. The regular stuttering might be irritating for too many. However, there are a few selections available to view in a try to find out the network problem like the second solution.

Clear the App Cache

You can also attempt to clear the YouTube app cache as it will clear up some storage on your machine. Owning too much cache on your device can make your application work slowly, so clear up the Cache and let videos play without any pause. Caches just record your movement on the app and they are of no worth. To remove the cache of the YouTube app follow steps:

  • Navigate to the Setting section of your device.
  • Open the YouTube app from the shown apps list.
  • Click on the Storage option and you will see 2 options Clear Cache and Clear Data, just click on Clear Cache carefully as pressing on Clear Data will make you delete all your downloaded data of the YouTube application.

Your Headphone Jack Must Be the Culprit

It might be inconvenient for you and everyone around in matter your headphones were lifted, and all sound your smartphone was made can be caught. Luckily for you, and everyone around, your device might have a nifty feature that interrupts the audio of music and videos when the headphones connected to your device are removed from the headphone jack.

Wistfully, due to this feature, users encounter continual pausing and beginning of their YouTube videos. Why? Conclusively, there are 2 possible root conditions: your headphones or your headphone jack. If in situation you have many pairs of headphones, you probably can verify the headphone jack and get out the real culprit. Make sure to connect Bluetooth headphones to your device. Make sure to connect Bluetooth headphones to your device.

Other Software

A different chance is that a third-party app on your device is conflicting with YouTube’s service. This could be a safety app wrongly recognizing YouTube as a threat, an automatic backup tool attempting to download data from the cloud, or a tormenting app managing the available bandwidth. If you have different software working in the background while surveying YouTube, shut down these apps one-by-one to detect if there is an increase in the smoothness of the video playback.

Check If YouTube is at Fault

Specific technical glitches with YouTube can also present you encounter this issue while playing videos. You can also tour the YouTube Help Center and browse the available articles about general problems with YouTube.


Q: What is auto-pause?
A: Auto Pause is a specialty that, when allowed, will identify when you are standing still. This is done so that your average rate and total span does not get influenced by any breaks.
Q: What are Smart Stay and Smart pause?
A: The Smart Pause feature handles the front camera to sense when you are staring at your phone, and it pauses video playback when you see away from the screen.


These are a few ways to solve YouTube keeps pausing on Android. You can attempt the first method and if it does not control, just try a different way. If these all things cannot fix your YouTube, just bring your device to any mobile center near you.

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