If Your YouTube Keeps Pausing: Fix it With 12 Easy Steps

Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing
Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing

It does bug you when your YouTube keeps pausing like many other users reported that YouTube keeps pausing regularly on their devices. Doesn’t it? However you should not fret; in this blog, we will walk you through some techniques to fix the issue on your device.

However, we all know that this YouTube keeps pausing issue occurs for several reasons; one of the main reasons is lots of caches. So it’s always suggested to clear your YouTube cache, and here’s how you can do it. Other reasons may include poor internet connection, malware, and others.      

However, several fixes exist to solve the YouTube keeps pausing issue, some of which we will discuss below.

12 Best Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Issue

There could be a gazillion different reasons for your YouTube keeps pausing. But we have mentioned here the most common ones and how can we solve it.

Fix 1: Using the Old Version of YouTube

Some users commonly Shut Down the Auto-Update on their application store.

Also, they sometimes dull to update it because whole offline videos will be deleted from their device. They presumably do not know that it can make an app get some issues.

Also, they maybe did not own a lot of internet quota to update it. If this is the query, then you should understand what to do subsequently.

If your YouTube keeps pausing continuously without you touching it…

The first thing you can do is view your device’s App Store or Play Store. Take a glance if your YouTube app is the latest version or not. If it is not, you just need to update it and download YouTube’s latest version. Do not neglect to make sure that your phone has sufficient internet and storage quota to download it.

However, sometimes it is better to Delete YouTube Videos on Android & iOS to solve the issues.

Fix 2: Network Disruption

The other difficulty that is normally created by YouTube keeps pausing because of network disruption. Your internet connectivity may be in a weak situation and it takes slower to buffer the content.

Sometimes, this issue can occur not because of your Cell Phone Not Working problem. The Wi-Fi Provider or developer can cause it while they make some upgrades or append their speed or you should try and Set Up an Internet Connection at Home for better internet speed.

YouTube owns a default algorithm when the network is in a problem; it will stop the video playing because it has not been downloaded yet.

If this appears to you, you can use a different provider or keep the connection back to normal. These all, it is worth spending more funds and using the entrusted provider because you can get a more reliable connection. However, there are various methods through which you can Solve Your Internet Connection Problems.

Fix 3: Turn Off the Auto-Pause

When you start using the YouTube application make sure the auto-pause feature is turned off.

YouTube auto-pause is a feature that allows videos to pause automatically while playing.

For some reason, people do use this feature.

This feature is essentially used with a Face sensor. The way how Facial Recognition works is, that when you face the cell phone from the front the sensor captures your facial key points and enhances your cell phone experiences like waking up the phone, playing and pausing YouTube videos, etc.

The solution to this problem (if you consider this a problem) is to shut down the auto-pause using the face sensor.

Fix 4: Buffering From a Bad Network Connection

When a YouTube keeps pausing, it is a sign of your Network Connection Stuttering.

Whenever you view the White circle running, then you surely know your video is buffering. The regular stuttering might be irritating for too many. However, there are a few selections available to view in a try to find out the network problem like the second solution.

Fix 5: Clear the App Cache

You can also attempt to clear the YouTube app cache as it will and also Clear Storage Space on your machine. Owning too much cache on your device can make your application work slowly, so clear up the Cache and let videos play without any pause. Caches just record your movement on the app and they are of no worth.

To Remove the Cache of the YouTube App follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of your device.
  2. Open the YouTube app from the shown apps list.
  3. Click on the Storage option and you will see 2 options; Clear Cache and Clear Data, just click on Clear Cache carefully as pressing on Clear Data will make you delete all your downloaded data from the YouTube application.

Fix 6: Your Headphone Jack Must Be the Culprit

It might be inconvenient for you and everyone around in matter your headphones were lifted, and all sounds your smartphone was made can be caught.

Luckily for you, and everyone around, your device might have a nifty feature that interrupts the audio of music and videos when the headphones connected to your device are removed from the headphone jack.

Wistfully, due to this feature, users encounter continual pausing and beginning of their YouTube videos.

Why? Conclusively, there are 2 possible root conditions: your headphones or headphone jack. If in a situation you have many pairs of headphones, you probably can verify the headphone jack and get out the real culprit. Make sure to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to your device.

Fix 7: Other Software

A different chance is that a third-party app on your device is conflicting with YouTube’s service. This could be a safety app wrongly recognizing YouTube as a threat, an automatic Backup Tool attempting to download data from the cloud, or a tormenting app managing the available bandwidth.

If you have different software working in the background while surveying YouTube, shut down these apps one by one to detect if there is an increase in the smoothness of the video playback.

Fix 8: Check If YouTube is at Fault

Specific technical glitches with YouTube can also cause you to encounter this issue while playing videos. You can also tour the YouTube Help Center and browse the available articles about general problems with YouTube.

Fix 9: Remind Me to Take a Break

The “Remind me to take a break”, option is one of the most recent YouTube Features. All it does is, pause the YouTube video after every time interval that you set. This feature is really helpful. When you leave your phone with a video playing on it, it may cause battery drain and it could be the reason why YouTube keeps pausing. To turn off this feature:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to general.
  3. The first option is “Remind me to take a break”.
  4. Turn it off if it’s turned on.

Fix 10: Disable Extensions

Many people use extensions for various purposes. Sometimes these third-party extensions interfere with YouTube playback, causing it to pause mysteriously. Whether you use them to block ads, translate subtitles, or handle passwords, they can cause the video to pause mysteriously. You can consider removing extensions permanently to see if that helps.

In addition, type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter to disable extensions in Google Chrome. You may want to turn off all of the extensions and check if YouTube works.

Microsoft Edge allows you to turn off extensions by clicking the three-dot menu.

Fix 11: Use Another Browser

Besides disabling extensions, you can use YouTube in an incognito or another browser. It seems that an issue is causing the YouTube app keeps pausing with the browser. In such cases, updating or resetting the browser will normally resolve the issue.

Fix 12: Update the App

If you don’t update apps manually according to updating notifications, then this may lead to YouTube keeps pausing issues and forcing them to behave strangely. Therefore, to solve the issue, go to the PlayStore and update the app from PlayStore or AppStore.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing Randomly?

  • Numerous Android and iOS users have encountered this error; however, they have no idea why it occurs. Due to this fact, we are about to list some significant reasons why YouTube videos remain paused on Android.
  • Firstly, it is likely to be the poor Internet connection that is unable to keep up with the demands of streaming video at the selected quality.
  • Secondly, YouTube isn’t updated, so it becomes unresponsive, or it might crash if it is
  • Or, your Android or iOS smartphone doesn’t have sufficient free storage space so the app can’t run properly.
  • A software glitch can also cause the problem. There may be many third-party apps in your system that are interfering with YouTube’s operation.

You’re Using Up Your Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the measure of speed your web visitors travel. Think about a daily-sized door, fit for just one person. Two people may be able to get by one another. But try to fit five or ten people; they might get stuck. Bandwidth visitors act in the same manner. The larger your bandwidth speed, the more data can come and go without bottlenecking on the way through.

While you download movies, music, and files, you’re using your bandwidth. And there’s a limit to what you can do with it. If you are streaming YouTube, running apps in the background, and downloading it’s no surprise your YouTube keeps pausing.

It is possible to reduce your bandwidth in some scenarios, one of which was already mentioned. When you’re downloading a file, give it a rest till you’re done with the video, or resume the download when you aren’t using your Android and iOS device.

Second, your devices are set to automatically update apps when an update is available. That’s taking up your bandwidth.


Q: How do I fix YouTube auto-pause?

On Android, YouTube auto-pauses quite frequently, but you can fix it by improving your network bandwidth, clearing your cache, and cookies, cleaning the headphone jack or replacing the headphones, updating the YouTube app, or turning off the Remind me to take a break feature.

Q: Why is YouTube constantly pausing on my smart TV?

If YouTube keeps pausing on your Smart TV, try the following simple troubleshooting method: Make sure your Smart TV is connected to a high-speed internet connection, close all background apps, and restart the YouTube app. Reset your Wi-Fi modem or router if it does.

Q: How to fix YouTube auto-pause on the browser?

The most effective fix for YouTube auto-pause on the browser is to clear the cache, cookies, and history. Go to Menu > History > Clear browsing data > Advanced > Check the boxes to remove (cache, cookies, and site data) > All-time in the time range and finally hit Clear data.


These are a few ways to solve YouTube keeps pausing on Android and iOS. You can attempt the first method and if it does not control, just try a different way. If these things cannot fix your YouTube, just bring your device to any mobile center near you.