Top Universities That Provide .Edu Email For Free [2024]


Are you looking for a university that will give you Free Edu Email Address Discounts? If so, then you are in the real place. This blog will help you get an edu-email for free. It has so many benefits, as you can get the Trial Version of EDU Mail for 6 Months instead of 30 days. Moreover, edu e-mail helps students in so many ways. Through this, you can subscribe to the expensive tools for free.

Hence, if you studied or worked at any US institution, you have a chance to Get an Edu e-mail Address from the institution. If you have that email, it will give you several perks in your career.

In this article, we shall discuss How to Get a Free Edu e-mail in 2024 and the Top Universities that provide free Edu e-mail to students and teachers.

What is an .Edu Email?

A .edu e-mail is a free student e-mail account that a college or university awards to students when they get admission to a US university. There are countless Benefits of .Edu Email for students and teachers. The free edu account is used for communication or to exchange official e-mails between students/teachers and other staff of the university/college.

Benefits Of .Edu Email

  • Best Buy – BestBuy discounts Edu e-mail.
  • Spotify – Edu e-mail address discount for Spotify Premium.
  • iTunes – Edu mail discounts on iTunes purchases.
  • Free pass & Amazon Prime – Get a Free .edu email subscription.
  • Adobe Acrobat Cloud – Get 50% Edu e-mail discounts.
  • Access to GitHub Students Pack for Edu e-mail holders.
  • Free student e-mail price cut on Microsoft Student accounts.
  • Google Drive offers free unlimited storage to students with .edu e-mail.
  • Discounts on myriad anti-viruses for .edu account.
  • Amazon Student Pack – when you sign up for an Amazon student pack from the EDU email, you will get Amazon Prime free for 6 months with 2 days of free shipping and amazing deals.
  • LastPass – It Offers 6-month periods of LastPass premium for any EDU user.
  • Newegg Premier – Grab 1 year subscription that takes $50.
  • Apple – Purchase products from the Apple Store at a reasonable price.
  • Microsoft DreamSpark – Grab this benefit with amazing software perks and get a Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for free.
  • PowToon – Get this software to make your presentation easily and learn different features to explore it.
  • Norton – It’s an antivirus that everybody uses for the world security system. But .edu Email gives you free of cost, or it takes a 50% discount on the student account.
  • Prezi – Use it to create stunning presentations, and you can make it on a zooming user interface. It has exclusive features that make your presentation more appealing.

How to Get a .Edu Email Address Free within an Hour

There are various methods how to get a free .edu e-mail address in 2024. But, I am going to discuss the most basic one through which you can apply anywhere and get admissions and the .edu e-mail.

  • Visit the following link

  • Enroll as a New Student.
  • Click “Step one Apply”, and then click “CCCApply.”

  • Create a “CCCApply” account.
  • On the next page click on the Blue Button saying “Begin Creating my Account.”
  • Fill in your necessary information and proceed.
  • Fill in Telephone and Permanent address then click continue.

  • Provide Username and Password.
  • Select security questions and answer.
  • Solve the captcha and then click “Create My Account.”
  • Your account has been created.

  • After successfully applying and creating the “CCCApply” go to any university or college and apply for the .edu e-mail account.

Note: when you apply for EDU Email, you must have a CCCApply account, and after creating a CCCApply account, you will apply for EDU Email within 2 to 3 business days.

List of Top Colleges/Universities That Give .Edu Email Free

.Edu Email For Free
.Edu Email For Free
  1. Maricopa Community Colleges: The Maricopa Community College is a community college located in Arizona. The college headquarter is located in Tempe.  All of the students of Maricopa Community College are awarded a Google mail address with “” format. This email helps to exchange official emails.
  2. American University Washington: The faculty and staff are awarded a Microsoft Office 365 .edu e-mail account. The format of free Edu e-mail is “[email protected]
  3. Canada College: Once you have enrolled in Canada College as a student you can apply for get a free .edu e-mail to exchange official e-mails from teachers and other staff. The format of Canadian college student e-mail is “[email protected].”
  4. Brown University: Brown University in the US also provides .edu e-mails to students and teachers. But recently they have changed the format of the Edu email for [email protected] to [email protected].
  5. University Of Illinois at Chicago: University of Illinois at Chicago offers free Edu email to students with a format of [email protected] this format was changed after November 2018. You can get a free .edu email from the University by becoming a student or by getting through the CCCApply account.
  6. University of Alaska: You can apply at this university that offers free .edu Email to their students to get multiple benefits with a format of [email protected].

 Here is the list of the Top 1900 Universities that also offer EDU email for multiple fringes. If you feel you missed anyone, please add them in the comment box, then I’ll add them to the list.


Q1. How can we add our Edu Email to Gmail?

Ans. Yes, by just clicking the top right corner, tapping the gear icon & choosing settings. Then, choose the Account & import tab and roll down to the Ensure email from other Accounts sections. After that, tap on Add a POP3 mail account you have then type your Edu e-mail address, and tap Next.

Q2. Does our e-mail Edu address will expire?

Ans. Yes, it can expire. Your student status will be removed after one year from the date you leave the institute. All of your essential services, e-mail, software, library access, and every benefit you receive via edu e-mail as a student will expire and you cannot continue them.


Getting a .edu e-mail address in 2024 is not a hard nut to crack anymore. The majority of the universities award the students free of cost to send/receive official emails from teachers and other staff. There are numerous benefits of .edu email like free service and discounts from many platforms like Amazon. Therefore, do not waste any more time and get your .edu e-mail today to avail amazing offers.