WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Calls is now Available For iOS

WhatsApp rolling out picture in picture mode
WhatsApp rolling out picture in picture mode

WhatsApp is now introducing a Picture-in-picture feature for iOS users; it is incredible when you want to use a different app while on a video call.

This feature was launched in December 2022 for the iOS beta app that allows users to use the picture-in-picture feature for video calls, but now the feature is rolling out for every iOS user running iOS 12 or later.

Although, the PiP mode for video calls works quite the same as Apple’s execution of PiP mode for Facetime and is really helpful if you wish to multitask while on a video call. The iOS update also involves some cool improvements, like the ability to add a caption to documents, personalized avatars, and longer group chat names.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced a slew of status-related features, the app’s own take if the stories format, such as emojis’ reaction to status, rich link previews in status, voice updates, and so much more.

Now, the company is focusing on a new feature that lets users on iOS send 100 pictures or documents all at once. The feature will soon be available to android users in the latest update.

However, this Pip mode will come with a device running the 23.3.77 version, which can be updated from the app store. So, to check if the new mode is available on your device, just make a video call and get back to the home screen.