How do I Get a Free Edu email?

How do I Get a Free Edu email

One of the most asked questions in 2024 is how do I get a free edu email? There are multiple ways to get an educational email. However, we have mentioned one in this article.

Brief Overview of What an Edu Email

An educational email address is provided by the institution to its students and faculty. So they can connect and stay updated about their educational journey. This edu email is better than Gmail or Hotmail. Moreover, this email also works as a gateway to the world of educational benefits and advantages. Many USA universities provide edu emails, and in addition, there are top universities that provide edu email for free as well.

Follow This Guide to Get a Free Edu Email Address

Get a Free Edu Email Address

In this article, we have mentioned a step-by-step guide which is your path to enjoy and take advantage of all the benefits of an edu email that you could receive with an educational mail. Now, these benefits are often associated with online courses or accredited educational institutions and are highly valued by email addresses. Here is a guide mentioned below that you must ensure to follow when you apply for a free student email address:

1. Identify That You are Eligible

Before you begin the process of application, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. You must be a student, staff member, faculty member, or an accredited educational institution member to get this email address.

Gather all the Required Documents

When you apply for an educational email, you must have these documents mentioned below:

  • Enrollment Proof like a current class schedule or an acceptance letter for the enrolled students. However, staff and faculty members are required to show an employment verification letter from the institutions.
  • A photo ID issued by the Government could be a passport or driver’s license only to verify your identity.
  • Some institutions may require a Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID.

Find the Application Portal

Visit the website of your community college or educational institution. Moreover, you can also contact their IT department to find more information about the student’s email address application process. The application portal or contact information is often located either in the IT or Student Services section of the website.

2. Completing the Application Form for Edu Email

Once you’ve completed the application form, provide accurate and up-to-date information, which includes your name, contact details, and proof of your eligibility. Furthermore, the form will be provided to you on Intuition’s website, or you can get it through their IT department.

Upload Supporting Documents

Upload the required documents in the specified format. Ensure all the uploaded documents are clearly readable and should match the information that you’ve provided in your application.

Application Submission

Once the form is filled out and all the required documents are attached, then submit your application through the online portal. Moreover, double-check the accuracy of the information before finalizing the submission.

Wait for the Approval

Approval of the institution for an educational email can take time as the timeframe can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the institution. Regularly checking the updates or notifications regarding the educational email address process can help you. However, ensure that you are being patient throughout the process.

3. Setting Up Your .edu email Account

Once you have completed the process, your application will be approved, and you will receive a student account with the instructions for setting up your .edu email account.

Note: Follow the given instructions carefully to create your student email address and set a secure and strong password.

Enjoy the Benefits

After you are done setting up your student’s email. You can take full advantage of the .edu benefits. You will have access to discounted software and academic resources like Office365, Google Drive, Amazon Prime, GitHub, and other privileges associated with your educational institutions.


Q. Should I use my high school email for college?
No, you shouldn’t because when you leave your school, you will lose access to your account.

Q. What email provider is edu?
An edu email typically ends with .edu and is provided by educational institutions for academic purposes.  

Q. Can anyone get an edu email?
Well, typically, you must be a student or faculty member; however, with some other ways, you can obtain a free edu email.

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