How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing Issue (9 Quick Fixes)

iCloud photos not syncing

Are you having issues with iCloud photos not syncing? No worries, this guide will help you to sort out this issue.

iCloud service is great for you if you want to save your pictures, as it is a free storage service. Once you take a picture or a video from your iPhone, it will be saved into the photos app and iCloud drive. The iCloud app helps users in data recovery, transfer data from old iPhones to new ones, and save their cherished memories on different devices like in all models of iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Windows PC, and others.

However, things go wrong sometimes, and macOS and iOS devices stop syncing your pictures to another device. If this happens, you could lose some of your pictures and fond memories. To dodge that agony, you have to fix this problem. Here are some reasons and fixes that can help you sort out this issue.

iCloud Photos not Syncing on iPhone/iPad/Mac – Reasons

iCloud is a great service for iOS and MacOS users who want to back up their data, including photos, mail, notes, contacts, settings, backups, files, and transfers between devices. So, imagine you want to sync the image data, but it is not syncing. It could happen due to some reasons;

  • iCloud Storage is Filled: When users reach the limit of data sync in the cloud, the data will cease. Till users delete other files or upgrade to a paid plan to get more iCloud space.
  • Wobbly Internet Connection: Suppose your internet connection keeps dropping; it will impede iCloud from corresponding pictures.
  • Problem with iCloud Server: An issue with a faulty battery, an outdated system, or an iCloud server can affect stopped pictures syncing on your iCloud account.
  • Disable iCloud Photo Library: Suppose the iCloud photo library is deactivated; the iCloud app can get permission to back up the photo data.
  • Using Different Apple ID: Suppose you use an unalike Apple ID on your Apple devices in which you synchronize it will not ensue.

9 Solutions for iCloud Photos not Syncing on iPhone/iPad/Mac

Apple’s online service iCloud Photo Library allows users to transfer photos or videos between multiple devices. Furthermore, this service helps users to sync pictures between different devices.

But occasionally, users might get that their iCloud pictures are not synchronizing. In this circumstance, users can use these 9 below-mentioned fixes to access and save their iCloud pictures.

1.      Check Internet Connection

When you are syncing iCloud pictures, it will not happen because of internet connection problems. You will need an internet connection on your device as iCloud is a web-built service. To ensure the Wi-Fi connection is good, check the other apps on the internet or open another web address.

Suppose the issue is with the internet connection speed; try retuning your router to check if that solves the problem. You can also reset your iPhone, iPad, or Mac network settings. However, if you encounter a stable internet connection on your device, but the iCloud photos not syncing, then you should try the next solution.

2.      Turn on the Cellular Data Option

Turn on the Cellular Data

Many users use the cellular data option to execute everyday tasks when they don’t have Wi-Fi. If the iCloud photos not syncing, the cellular data is probably turned off. To turn on the cellular data option on the iPhone, follow the below-mentioned steps

3.      Check iCloud Storage

Another thing you have to check is iCloud storage when iCloud photos not syncing. However, Apple offers its users 5 GB of free space for iCloud storage for saving data. It means you have the limits you have crossed, so you will not sync to iCloud.

NOTE: Users can increase the storage of iCloud with an iCloud+ subscription service.

So, to solve this problem, you must remove any unnecessary files and data from your iCloud accounts, like drive files, videos, applications, or other data. This will make more space and allow your iCloud library to update.

Here are the steps you can follow to check the iCloud storage.

  • Hover over the settings app on your device.
Tap settings
  • Hit on your Apple ID name.
Tap Apple id
  • Then tap on the iCloud settings option.
Tap on the iCloud settings
  • After that, tap on the Manage storage option.
Tap Manage storage
  • Now, you will see how much-existing storage space is in your iCloud storage.

NOTE: If the iCloud storage is full, you need to clean up the storage or upgrade to the Apple-paid storage plans.                                           

4.      Use the Same Apple ID

Many people use different Apple IDs for their computer and phone devices. Thus, the iCloud photos not syncing if you use different accounts on your devices. It means you can only sync your data between the devices if linked to the same Apple ID.

So, check out whether you are using the same Apple ID on both of your devices that you are using to synchronize. Follow these below-mentioned steps to check whether you are using the same Apple ID.

  • Hover over the settings option on your iPhone.
Tap settings
  • After that, tap on the Apple ID option.
Tap Apple id
  • Now, check if you used the correct one on all other devices.

NOTE: Steps to check your Apple ID are the same in all of the iOS and MacOS devices.

5.      Update iCloud App

If the iCloud app is not updated shortly, it might halt the syncing progression between devices. To update the iCloud service on your iPhone, follow these steps.

  • Launch the settings app on your device.
  • Tap on the general option from the pop-up options.
  • After that, click on the Apple software update option.
  • Now, update the iCloud service to its latest version.
  • Then, restart your device and check whether the pictures are syncing.

6.      Update your Device

If you are still facing the issue of iCloud photos not syncing after applying all the above fixes. Then, the next solution you can do is update your iOS device to the latest version of its operating system. An outdated version of your device can be a reason for many performance issues.

Here are the steps you can follow to update your device to its latest version of OS (Operating System).

  • Launch the settings app on your device.
Tap settings
  • Hover over the General option from the pop-up option list.
Tap general
  • After that, tap the Software Update option to update the OS.

7.      Optimize iPhone Storage

When you max out your iPhone storage rapidly, it will also root the iCloud images not to sync. Basically, all pictures and videos are saved in their original high-resolution format on your device and iCloud photos. However, you can use the Optimize Storage feature to save storage space on your device.

The optimized storage feature lets the iCloud photos manage the size of the library on your device. When this option is switched on, your original high-quality pictures and videos are kept in iCloud. At the same time, compressed versions remain on your device.

To turn on the optimized storage on the iPhone, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Hover over the settings option on your device.
  • Tap on your Apple ID name from the pop-up menu list.
Tap Apple id
  • After that, hit the iCloud option from the pop-up list.
  • Then, hit the Photos option.
Tap Photos
  •  Now tap on the Optimize iPhone storage option to check the data storage.
Optimize iphone storage

8.      Turn Off & then on iCloud Photo Library

Returning to the iCloud photos library can fix the issue of iCloud pictures not syncing. To do that, follow these steps.

Optimize iphone storage

Open the settings app > iCloud option > Photos > Switch off the option of iCloud Photo Library. After that, start over your iOS and Mac system and check if the issue is fixed.

9.      Relog into Apple ID

Suppose you are syncing the iCloud photo library, but it will not happen; it might be a problem with your Apple ID. You can straightforwardly sort out this issue by logging out to your Apple ID and then logging in to your account again.

Substitute for Syncing iCloud Photos

Suppose you have tried all of the fixes mentioned above to synchronize iCloud images but not any fix work to resolve the issue. Then, you can try to save yourself from the distress of losing your images by backing up your photos.

To do that, we have shared the 3 best backup software you can use to transfer your pictures between different devices for making the backup of your picture data.

  1. PhoneTrans
  2. Wondershare DR.Fone
  3. iSkysoft Toolbox


How to turn off iCloud photos without deleting everything?
Hover over the settings option > tap your name > tap > iCloud option > Photos option > switch off iCloud. After that, tap Download Photos and Videos; it will not delete your data from your device.

What to do if syncing paused iCloud photos does not have enough storage?
If your device does not have enough storage for that, synchronized iCloud photos are paused. In this situation, you have to delete unnecessary files and applications, optimize iCloud backup settings, or upgrade your iCloud storage plan.

How to view iCloud photos on an iPhone?
Launch the photo app on your iPhone > tap the library option > tap the albums button to view iCloud photos.

Wrapping Up

Syncing problems with iCloud photos can be annoying. But with accurate steps, you can back up and restore the continuous experience of accessing and saving pictures between multiple devices.

In this post, we have provided the reason for fixes and alternatives when iCloud photos not syncing issues. Suppose all the above fixes do not solve your issue, then you have to get help from Apple Care customer Service to sort out this problem.

Let us know in the comment section if you want to know any other issue related to the Apple iCloud service.

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